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  • 1 September 2016

#tbt Live fashion? Duh... If the answer is a big fat 'yes' this is what you need to do - Stop working, step away from your screen, click on the links below, and enjoy an immersive experience without spending a dime. Yes, you can thank us later.


The Next Black

A film about the future of clothing, The Next Black explores how trends, technology, and innovation will impact what we wear in the next 50 years. Watch it to understand what the most innovative companies on the planet think will be the gamechangers. And how one company uses cellulose producing microbes to literally grow clothing. No kidding!

Length of Stream: 45 minutes 

Watch The Next Black


How To Break Into The Fashion Industry with Alexa Chung

Fashion's favourite 'It' girl collaborates with British Vogue to tell us what it really takes to break into the fashion industry. A superbly well shot film which doesn't skim through the how-to's but hand holds you through the entire process, the film is a must-watch. No surprise Alexa Chung has her own label coming out soon. Take notes?

Length of Stream: 11 minutes

Watch How To Break Into The Fashion Industry with Alexa Chung



If pigs could fly, wishes were horses, and dresses could feel. Impossible, right? Not in the world of a Miu Miu dress. Dedjess is a charming, whimsical story of a show stopping dress, dying to be worn. Watch the film for its fantastical feel and the brilliance with which a dress is made to come alive, all on its own. 

Length of Stream: 14 minutes

Watch Dedjess


Alexander McQueen, The Bridegroom Stripped Bare

The film allows us mere mortals a rare glimpse into the sheer genius that was Alexander McQueen. Watch it for how the legend performs a design metamorphosis on a bridegroom who is transfigured into the bride in a blitzkreig of gaffer tape, glitter and gloss paint. While the performance was originally broadcast live through a webcam, the film inspires and leaves you in awe. Tempted?

Length of Stream: 4 minutes

Watch The Bridgegroom Stripped Bare



What happens when Karl Lagerfeld directs Pharell Williams and Cara Deleivigne? A cinematic, musical masterpiece is brought to life. Throwback to the 50s, the film tells us the story of the iconic Chanel jacket, its history and origin. Watch it for the smooth transitions and opulence of a time gone by. 

Length of Stream: 8 minutes

Watch Reincarnation


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