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  • 3 June 2017

Sometimes we all need a little TLC, and there’s no place better to have a pamper sesh than at a luxurious spa. Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, we’ve found a spa that’s right for you. From the Himalayan hilltops to the city of lakes Udaipur, you can escape for some much needed summer respite.

The Ananda, a Himalayan destination, is located on a 100-acre Maharaja’s palace overlooking a historic town and beautiful valleys. This spa follows a holistic wellness programme, offering packages such as Yogic Detox, Stress Management and Dhyana Self Realisation. However, it won’t come cheap- the perfect destination for a big birthday treat or honeymoon.

If you’re after a sea breeze, stunning gardens and 26 acres of pure bliss, then Vivanta by Taj is the number one pick. The prices are around 13,000 rupees for a double room, with treatments ranging from 2,700 to 7,000 rupees.

Head to Udaipur to discover the Leela Palace, India’s only luxury tented spa. Offering holistic treatments, wellness activities and a swish salon; it has everything a spa should.

Practicing Ayurveda, the traditional wellness science of India, Calfouti is an affordable option. Located in Varkala, it’s one of the most beautiful spots in the country. Surrounded by beaches, natural springs and rice waters, you get serious bang for your buck!

In the heart of Udaipur, the city of lakes, this grand hotel and spa offers luxury at an affordable price point. With continuous packages and deals, this is an incredible destination for anyone watching their coins.


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