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  • 20 August 2016

Who: Nick Bateman
Username: Nick Bateman
Why follow: Call us biased but believe us when we say this, Nicholas Yunge-Bateman AKA Nick Bateman is your go-to guy for all-things fitness. From his ace Karate skills to six pack abs, he is 'the' Canadian to follow on Snapchat. Although he's currently busy pursuing his acting career, be prepared to witness this gorgeous face along with Joey (his loving dog) for cuteness overload. 


Who: Ankit Vengurlekar
Username: Gadgetwala
Why follow: If you are as crazy about technology as we are, there's no reason to not follow Mumbai's current obesession, Ankit Vengurlekar. Not only is he a lady killer, he will surprise you with his intense but very accurate knowledge on the latest gadgets from across the globe. Plus it doesn't hurt to follow a cute guy, does it now? 


Who: Selena Gomez
Username: SelenaGomez
Why follow: Besides being an international Pop sensation, Selena Gomez is busy shattering Justin Bieber's heart into a million pieces. As sad as we are that it's officially over, we can't get over Selena's perfect selfies or her lifestyle goals. Added her yet?


Who: Drew Binsky
Username: Drewbinksy
Why follow: Drew Binksy better known as the 'Hungry Partier' will take you around the world with his travels, his in-depth knowledge of local culture and to the best parties. This 20-something has already travelled 75 countries and has over fourty-thousand followers on Snapchat. Need we say more? 


Who: Kiersten Rich
Username: theblondeabroad
Why folow: Travel? Yes. Fashion? Yes. Major photo envy? Oh, yes! When it comes to Kiersten Rich, there's no dearth of perfect sunsets, delicious food and hammock life. Let this gorgeous blonde inspire you in everywhere with her thrilling Snapchat stories. 


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