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  • 29 April 2016

Itching to try a brand new place that serves delicious food with an equally gorgeous setting?

Looks like Delhi's Sunder Nagar has an answer for you! Let's start with the number game. So turns out, Number 8 is essentially the address of the restaurant, and according to the owner, 8 is supposed to be an auspicious number as per the Chinese tradition. As far as the look-and-feel of the place goes, from the outside, Number 8 looks like just another hangout. But don't let the exterior fool you! Once you've made it inside, you'll see that it's not only spread across 3 floors, but also comes with detailed and bespoke touches, thanks to the stunning chandeliers, rustic walls and leather upholstery!

The menu is loaded with a clear concept of modern cooking whilst keeping things authentic yet innovative. From Khatte Baingan ki Biryani with Kamal Kakdi Raita to Wild Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto, all the dishes are prepared with excellence and utmost finesse. The menu is all about having a gourmet experience with top-quality ingredients that happen to work deliciously well together.

In fact, Number 8 has recently created a brand new menu for bar snacks including Chicken Liver Sambal Fried, Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf, Crunchy Chicken Ceaser Salad and Duck with Chili Lettuce and Spring Onions! 

Just in time for the weekend? We think so... 


What: Number 8

Where: Sunder Nagar, New Delhi

Contact: - 011-33105972


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