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  • 11 December 2016


Best friend before boyfriends? Always.


And since 'tis the season to celebrate and look back, we've mastered the art of fashionable self reflection. For your all important squad that's stood by heartbreak, breakthroughs and all the BIG 'Yaas Queens' of your life, here's something we put together for the 'supers' who have been there, while you've done that ;)

Here's the ultimate BFF gifting guide so that you can say 'merci' KOOVS style. Oh yes, it's our thing to keep you sorted.



If your best friend gushes over kitties and pooches more than she does over the cutest guy on the block, then this selection is where the buck should stop at for you. Shower your BFF with pug-print house slippers and laptop sleeve, or a furry cat vanity case. Show her you care about her feline feelings as much as you care about her. Best gift ever, right?


1. YouShine pug print socks, Rs. 299


2. Eristona Pouch, Rs. 490


3. Skinny Dip iPhone Case, Rs. 1,395


4.YouShine cat print socks, Rs. 299


5. New Look slippers, Rs. 995


6. Style Fiesta laptop sleeve, Rs. 1,599



You know there's no point appointing her the 'actioner' because the girl's got laze written all over her beautiful face. Meh... You still love her for all the chill vibes she peppers your crew with. Perfect surprise for BFF, Ms. Lazy Dame? Subtle hint all over her wardrobe ;) 


1. BOOHOO sweatshirt, Rs. 1,695


2. KOOVS bearface eyemask, Rs. 495


3. KOOVS satin eyemask, Rs. 395


4. KOOVS pandaface eyemask, Rs. 495


5. Style Fiesta laptop sleeve, Rs. 1,599


6. KOOVS catface eyemask, Rs. 495


She can scoff down a big bad-ass sub like a champ and is the first to drag you to the newest joint for a bite. She also slips in a fudge or two on your squad troll on chilly nights. She is the incorrigible Ms. Always Hungry and the always willing to try something new. Surprise her with an assortment of bite-sized foodgasmic accessories she can wear! No kidding, tune in right here...


1. Eristona backpack, Rs. 2,290


2. Eristona patches, Rs. 450


3. Eristona hairpins, Rs. 490


4. New Look socks, Rs. 295


5. Style Fiesta iPhone case, Rs. 650


6. Eristona brooches, Rs. 490


Quirky is as quirky does. Always a cut-above-the-rest, the Ms. Quirky Queen should never settle for basic. And while that does say something about you too ;) we think it's time you showed her just why everyone should make a fuss about her quirk-it-all... Here's the lo-down on what to get her now!


1. Eristona brooches, Rs. 690


2. HATTIE X KOOVS make-up bag, Rs. 1,495


3. Eristona earrings, Rs. 599


4. Style Fiesta iPhone case, Rs. 499


5. HATTIE X KOOVS bagcharm, Rs. 895


6. Eristona iron-on patches, Rs. 450


'Tis the season to party and who best to do it with? It's your best chica who takes the party with her wherever she goes. We think she deserves a present that is as much of a riot as herself. Time to go all out for her and show some appreciation for the crazy she adds to your life. Choose from blingy bodychains, 3D floral accessories and dramatic earrings. 


1. KOOVS bodychain, Rs. 995


2. KOOVS belt, Rs. 795


3. Fayon earrings, Rs. 349


4. KOOVS wristlet, Rs. 1,295


5. KOOVS clutch bag, Rs. 1,195


6. KOOVS necklace, Rs. 995





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