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  • 8 November 2016


Just when we thought we couldn't run more wild with our imagination, constellation piercing happened. Imagine your ear as the galaxy and the stars as your piercings, and there, you have your own constellation :) Easy, on point, so cool!

 Want to give it a try? Take note, there are a few tips to getting this trend right.


1. A perfect constellation depends on cool contrast. Whether that is aligning a 'planet' with 'moons' or mixing up your studs and hoops. 

2. Customize the alignment to your particular ear shape.

3. Two doesn’t really make a constellation, but three does.


1. Fayon Earrings, Rs. 249


2. KOOVS Earrings, Rs. 395


3. KOOVS Earrings, Rs. 395


4. KOOVS Earrings, Rs. 495

Spoiler alert: Go bold or go home. This season's statement colour just cannot be overlooked. Get on trend and turn up the drama just like homegirl Priyanka and Gigi. From Dior to Rodarte designers can't seem to get enough of it and nor can we! It’s simple, just keep your whole look very minimal and focus on the lips. Think wine, burgundy, brown, black. Key is sticking to solids!


1. Maybelline Eye Shadow, Rs. 575


2. L'Oreal Mascara, Rs. 950


3. Basicare False Eyelashes, Rs. 360


4. Lakme Lipstick, Rs. 450


Yes. You just bagged two of the hottest trends. Ahem... you are welcome ;) And because we like going that extra mile for you, here's a bizarre trend flash update from around the world we'd rather not.


1. Cristopher Kane Crocs – Please stop trying to make crocs happen! These crocs just got a high end makeover and sent down the runway, embellished with precious stones.


2. Geode Lips - These geode rock lips are totally impractical but are kinda-stunning. 


3. Unicorn Hair –"Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn." It seems like people may have taken this a bit too literally.


4. Cocktail Mixing Dress -  Not sure they quite understood the meaning of a 'cocktail dress'... But, oh well, at least you get to skip the bar rush.


5. Crystal Filled Tights - These tights are said to relieve stress and anxiety, alleviate PMS, diminish blemishes and reduce cellulite. Sounds too good to be true?


6. Furry Nails - We know it’s hard to believe but nails covered in fur are actually a thing now. Just when we thought bubble nails were the worst of the lot.



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