Sorbet Pastel Tones SS21

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  • 14 May 2021

Another trend that has continued to dominate this year has been pastel tones. These sorbet-inspired colors are the perfect option for summer and they suit a wide variety of skin tones. Summer brings with it the desire for color, especially bright and fresh shades; even total black lovers sometimes leave black in favor of softer and brighter shades.


The coolest palette of the moment is undoubtedly the one of pastel colors, from mint green to lilac, passing through nude shades, up to pale pink and soft yellow. The best part about wearing pastels is the fact that you can never go wrong with the idea of it. Although it may be a hit and miss to some, it’s perfect for those who are a huge fan of vivid colours or are wanting to step into the world of brights.

This summer, get ready to play with the delicate and bright colors of this lovely palette, from make up to clothing, mixing and alternating all the different nuances.Here are our favorite summer items in pastel shades.Here are our favorite summer items in pastel shades.From feminine to structured silhouettes, these soft hues does not define any specific style but instead, brings a joyful pairing to your everyday wardrobe. 

The soothing colours in buttercup yellow, cool blue, lilacs, peony pink, and more are not only pleasing to the eye but an ideal go-to hue to get dressed up for the upcoming outings in the sun.Pastel tones look amazing paired with neutral accents. Cream, caramel and beige accessories will make your pastel piece really shine! As far as jewelry is concerned, you can definitely go for bold jewels in gold, but for a slightly softer, summery look go with pearls. 


However, don’t freak out if the colour combos don’t match your style because the good thing about pastels is how similar they are with the white undertones. Grab a few colour combos, try it out and be prepared to fall in love with it.


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Sorbet Pastel Tones SS21
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