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  • 19 May 2017


Simi and Haze, do those names ring a bell? No? Don’t worry; we’re here to introduce you to your new style crushes. FYI, they’re up and coming ‘it’ girls, so get ahead of the curve by reading this and show off to your mates. Thank us later.


Imagine a hybrid of the Hadid sisters, now add a dash of the Richie girls, top it all off with identical twin biology and tadaa you’ve got Simi and Haze Khadra. They spend their day’s jet setting around the world playing at exclusive parties and hanging out with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. But despite a Paris Hilton-esque CV these twins are far from vacuous. Both recently graduated from the University of Southern California in Film Production and Fine Art, they have a maturity (and budding empire) far beyond their 23 years.


Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in London, schooled in Dubai and college educated in America- Simi and Haze are the definition of cosmopolitan millennials. Taking on DJ’ing as a career was a smart move for these two, like many a socialite before them, it’s an easy way into the elite circle. They may have gained notoriety since the age of 14 due to their eccentric and impeccable fashion sense, but it’s really been their music career that has catapulted them. Oh, and the ‘Jenner Effect’, of course. The ‘Jenner Effect’ may not be a formally coined term, but it should be- the Jenner sisters can merely snap or tag someone in an Instagram post, and they’ll go from relative nobodies to semi-famous overnight. The Khadra’s are no different. 



Pretty twins in coordinating outfits, standing in a DJ booth, is near enough the perfect formula for Insta-fame. Seriously, their first show was at Coachella. Well, when you’re BFFs with Selena and Rita Ora that kind of thing *just happens*.


Style wise, Simi and Haze have an aesthetic that screams ‘90s grunge and ‘40s punk, with a touch of tacky 2000s chucked in for good measure. Sheer fabric, fishnet tights, thigh-high boots and neon flashes are their uniforms.We still have no idea which one is Simi and which one is Haze, but with outfits this good it doesn’t really matter. With an interior designer mother and art collector father, it’s in their genes to be stylish. Just as Bella and Gigi were the new Kendall and Kylie in 2016, Simi and Haze are the new Bella and Gigi for 2017. Trust us, these girls are gonna be big.


Push your fashion boundaries and emulate Simi and Haze this season….


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