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  • 14 November 2016


Here's everything you need to know about colours to rock according to your sun sign. Psst... You are welcome.


Zodiac Sign: Aries

Roll with reds! Aries is associated with planet Mars and we must think fiery hues like red when dealing with this sign. This is the colour that dares to stop the world on its tracks, and Aries as a sign relates to the colour perfectly. 


1. Ridress Dress, Rs. 1,495


2. KOOVS Skirt, Rs. 1,195


3. Eristona Earrings, Rs. 500


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Sass it up in pretty pink! Ruled by the planet Venus, the colour not just enhances your style but helps stabilize the effect of daily humdrums and protects you. It harmonizes well with the shy and introvert taureans, affecting them in a most positive way.


1. KOOVS Dress, Rs. 1,695


2. Boohoo Skirt, Rs. 1,795


3. KOOVS Espadrille Flats, Rs. 1,695


Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Brighten up your day with lucky yellow. Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are known to be quite affable. A positive and uplifting colour, add a burst of yellow to see you sail through tough negotiations #likeaboos.

1. KOOVS Top, Rs. 1,295


2. KOOVS Skirt, Rs. 1,495


3. Hattie X KOOVS, Rs. 1,995


Zodiac Sign: Cancer

All white everything! Ruled by Moon, this Zodiac sign is associated with soft, nurturing and receptive colours like White. This colour keeps these shy, sensitive and caring people at their best, though the emotional side of the nature always remains predominant.


1. Forever New Top, Rs. 4,000


2. New Look Skirt, Rs. 2,695


3. My Foot Couture Trainers, Rs. 1,399


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Orange is your go-to hue. The royal sign of the zodiac ruled by the Sun, Leos should dress up in sprightly colours. Add instant magnetism in a colour switch.


1. KOOVS Cardigan, Rs. 995


2. Nike Top, Rs. 2,495


3. No Doubt Sandals, Rs. 2,995


Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Go subtle and sexy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It is associated with the Earth element; hence its meaning and color associations include earthy hues like brown. Dressing in earthy tones like brown brings out the best in Virgos.


1. KOOVS Dress, Rs. 1,895


2. Fur Jaden Bag, Rs. 1,600


3. KOOVS Boots, Rs. 2,195

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Stay pretty in pastels! Libra is a sign of peace, harmony, and balance. The sign is also well known for its impeccable taste. Lend a calming effect to an over-wrought day instantly. 


1. Ridress Top, Rs. 1,295


2. Momokrom Jeans, Rs. 1,995


3. Hattie X KOOVS Backpack, Rs. 2,295


Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Keep it secretly sultry, scorpions! Your ruling planet - Mars - loves a hint of mystery and magic. The maroon colour brilliantly captures the mystic sensibilities of this sign.


1. First & I Top, Rs. 1,795


2. KOOVS Trousers, Rs. 1,495


3. Intoto Sandals, Rs. 1,899


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Turn up the heat and your luck in playful purples. Ruled by Jupiter, the colour is associated with growth and is known to be uplifting. Turn up for an interview wearing purple and plum and wait for that offer letter today! 


1. Ridress Top,  Rs. 1,095


2. Alibi Top, Rs. 499


3. Nike Trainers, Rs. 6,495


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Stay clear of colours, capricorns! The meanings and associations of Capricorn include structure, building, maturity and discipline. Capricorns are attracted to all colours that are stark and plain. An exaggerated love of black marks the capricorn psyche. 


1. Glamorous Bodysuit, Rs. 1,695


2. KOOVS Skirt, Rs. 1,495


3. No Doubt Sandals, Rs. 2,495

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Glam it up in green. This energizing, electrifying and innovative sign is ruled by Uranus. The colours most suited for Aquarius are tones of green and blue which are great stress relievers and will calm your mind and emotions. #nostresszone


1. Glamorous Dress, Rs. 1,495


2. KOOVS Cover Up, Rs. 1,495


3. New Look Trainers, Rs. 1,795


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Bring-it-on with blues! Pisceans are kind, imaginative, confused, sensitive, compassionate and real dreamers. The colours associated with this Neptune ruled sign are shades of blue and colours of the sea. It is the best colour for this Zodiac sign as it is likely to bring Pisceans good luck.

1. Rena Love Top, Rs. 899


2. No Doubt Trainers, Rs. 1,595


3. Blueberry Earrings, Rs. 399


*Zodiac Image Courtesy: @starlit_makeup/instagram


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