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  • 27 December 2016

It's that time of year when the packing list comes out... But where do you even start? Check out our top holiday products to slay your vacay. Whether you’re heading to the hills, the beaches or the city, here’s how to get the perfect holiday outfits.





Boots: check; Nude jacket that goes with everything: check; woolly cap: check... You get the drill, right? Before you take off to a holiday destination that promises a white winter, bag these must-haves that'll ensure your #FierceFashionista look is always on-point.


1. New Look Boots, Rs. 2,795

2. KOOVS Shirt, Rs. 1,495

3. KOOVS Sweater, Rs. 1,495

4. New Look Jacket, Rs. 3,895

5. New Look Socks, Rs. 295

6. Kerkes Earrings, Rs. 549

7. Youshine Beanie, Rs. 399

8. Lush Blanket Scarf, Rs. 1,199





There's nothing like a city-break to ring in a functional and slick style-check. Whether you plan to hit up every museum or shop the streets for local goods, you'll want to ensure that you look like a savvy insider, and not a country girl. Here is the breakdown of classic essentials when travelling to any urban city.


1. New Look Bag, Rs. 1,895

2. Style Fiesta iPhone Case, Rs. 499

3. Liquor N Poker Jeans, Rs. 4,695

4. Style Fiesta Cap, Rs. 899

5. Basicare Brush, Rs. 455

6. HATTIE X KOOVS Scarf, Rs. 895

7. Paris Belle Card & Coin Holder, Rs. 399

8. Rimmel Eye Shadow, Rs. 400

9. KOOVS High Tops, Rs. 1,495

10. KOOVS Dress, 1,195

11. New Look Watch, Rs. 1,795

12. Glamorous Top, Rs. 995





Love the warm sun on your back as you soak in the beach vibes in 2017? If you are heading to the beach this holiday, make sure you pack in your fair share of beach essentials. Cues: Swimwear, Tote big enough to carry around, shorts... Point: Shop your beach bum check-list here.


1. South Beach Swimwear, Rs. 2,399

2. Flipside Flip Flops, Rs. 249

3. Eristona Nail Filers, Rs. 249

4. L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish, Rs. 299

5. South Beach Swimwear, Rs. 2,399

6. Style Fiesta iPhone Case, Rs. 499

7. KOOVS Tote Bag, Rs. 995

8. KOOVS Shorts, Rs. 1,295

9. KOOVS Sunglasses, Rs. 995

10. Eristona, Rs. 599

11. Evah London Vest, Rs. 699



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