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  • 7 February 2017


Remember the good ol’ pigtail-days when the only way to stay up in math class was to pass time playing FLAMES? It was every love-stricken girl’s favourite hobby. But love is more than just the romantic kind – it’s also your BFF, your annoying little sister, your over-protective mum... and since love’s in the air, maybe even give your regular (fr)enemy a shot? Keep scrolling for your guide to Valentine’s gifting —



1. F – Friend


(Your BFF, your partner in crime, your gossip-girl)


Whether it’s partying like rockstars, studying through the night, beauty makeovers or gossiping like no one’s business — this babe’s been there for you through thick and thin. Dramatic jewellery and wordy backpacks are perfect to celebrate your quirky and one-of-a-kind bond. Get to it –


1. Eristona earrings, Rs. 499 


2. Eristona Beauty nail filers, Rs. 249 


3. Eristona iron-on patches, Rs. 390 


4. KOOVS Backpack, Rs. 1,295 





2.  L – Lover


(The boyfriend that keeps you on your toes)


While chocolates and flowers are nice, nothing says “be mine” like a thoughtfully selected Valentine’s present. When it comes to telling him how you feel, let your gift do the talking. Go for slogan tees and tropical loafers ‘cause every day with him is like vacation (Valentine’s day brings out the ‘cheesy’ in us). Let the gifting begin –


1. Pataaka sunglasses, Rs. 1,499


2. Flying Machine t-shirt, Rs. 699


3. X.O.Y.O shirt, Rs. 1,195


4. KOOVS loafers, Rs. 1,495




3. A- Affectionate


(Your mum deserves some TLC too)


Remind her how loved she is by making her some brekkie in bed and then popping out a pretty surprise! Think floral brooches, classic sunnies and color-blocked dresses in classic neutrals like pink, black and white. You can count on these top picks to send across your message —




1. Femella dress, Rs. 1,290


2. Style Fiesta corsage, Rs. 399


3. Forever New sunglasses, Rs. 2,000


4. Gusto bag, Rs. 1,999






4. M- Marry


(Your soul-mate, the real thing)


How about making him feel as comfy as you feel around him? It’s the best when you don’t have to bother with makeup or pants, isn’t it? Hint hint – make him feel the same way, gift him these cosy-cute pieces to relax in. Top it off with some home-made pizza and wine to nail it ;) Here’s our #lovelist for the one –


1. KOOVS t-shirt, Rs. 595


2. Zobello espadrilles, Rs. 899 


3. The Glu Affair socks, Rs. 399


4. Jack & Jones pyjamas, Rs. 1,099






5. E – (fr)Enemy


(What would you do without the drama?)


You’re friends, but not really. Yes, you couldn’t do without her. The drama and constant competition keeps you going, even though you won’t admit it. Time to forget the animosity... but maybe not all of it. These sassy specials are the right kind of love to show to your catty friend —


1. Pipa Bella earrings,  Rs. 599

2. Eristona bag, Rs. 999

3. Elux Handmade t-shirt, Rs. 1,099

4. KOOVS sliders, Rs. 995





S – Sister


(Annoying some times, has your back all the time)


She’s the one who rats you out, steals your clothes and embarrasses you every chance she gets. But she has your back for LIFE and you know it- countless manicures, feeding you chocolate when you’re heartbroken. There’s nothing that describes your dynamic better than heart-shaped earrings, and sarcastic slogan sliders. You know it ;)


1. L’oreal nail paint, Rs. 299 


2. New Look purse, Rs. 695 


3. Eristona earrings, Rs. 499


4. KOOVS sliders, Rs. 995



Play the game, old-school style here: F.L.A.M.E.S.









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