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  • 24 February 2016

Being in power looks good! Here’s why we are turning to these leading ladies of the small screen so you can strut into your office like a boss. From Jessica Pearson’s razor-sharp outfits to Jessica Day’s cute-sy dresses, there’s a look for everyone.

The Character: Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day. She plays an offbeat teacher in Fox's TV sitcom, New Girl.


Signature Style: Jessica Day's style is nothing short of an individualist. It's the kind of look that shouldn't go together, but it does. We love how she embodies her fun and free-spirited mood into her retro-inspired dressing.


Get The Look: Think colour, eclectic, ladylike and happiness.

New Look Top Rs. 695, Voi Jeans Sunglasses Rs. 1, 599, My Foot Sandals Rs. 1, 299, KOOVS Skirt Rs. 1, 295

The Character: Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson. She plays the Managing Partner of New York's leading law firm, Pearson Hardman on American legal drama, Suits.


Signature Style: As the leading lady of the show, Jessica never fails to dress the part. Her style is far from boring and stereotypically corporate. We love the meticulously tailored dresses that exude power and elegance with just the right amount of feminine touch.


Get The Look: Think architectural silhouettes, clean lines and statement colours.

Boohoo Dress Rs. 1, 995, Wanderlust Earrings Rs.1, 099, KOOVS Bag Rs. 1, 695, Intoto Sandals Rs. 1, 799

The Character: Stana Katic as Kate Beckett. Her alter ego on the hit ABC drama, Castle, is of a hugely successful cop who fights like the boys, only she does it better in heels!


Signature Style: Cast aside all notions of a serious detective. Kate Beckett is rather stylish, cue—her perfectly pulled- together looks, all whilst maintaining an air of power that drives Rick Castle crazy.


Get The Look: Minimalistic chic, androgynous silhouettes and towering heels.

Warehouse Jacket Rs. 6, 000, New Look Top Rs. 995, Lakme Lipstick Rs. 800, Lavish Alice Trousers Rs. 3, 895


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