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  • 2 January 2016

#1 Thou shall...keep dancing
As much as we love our laziness, 2016 is all about hitting the town in sky-high heels and dancing like never before. Make these No Doubt tasseled-detail sandals your ultimate go-to for after-dark parties. Partner them with monochrome looks for the chicest results. 


#2 Thou like a rockstar
Sure you like your next-door pub but the new year calls for the world’s biggest party, or a carnival. Pack your most colourful clothes (we’re thinking sequins and feathers) and join two million partygoers at the Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. T’s time to practice samba moves...


#3 Thou inspired by an era
As much as we love our shiny, new things, there’s something very nostalgic about taking a trip down memory lane. Whether it’s fashion, music, art or culture, this year make sure to pick your favourite era and let it inspire you. We can’t seem to get enough of the Sixties, when England was swinging like a pendulum, it was all about Twiggy, The Beatles and the dawn of a bright new mad, mod world. 



#4 Thou on time
Style and practicality are not always easy, we get it, but our need for beautiful yet truly useful accessories is overcoming that. Hit the style-and-substance jackpot with Fossil’s stainless steel watch that is equal parts chic and handy. Wear it with anything and everything. 


#5 Thou shall…admire a power pairing
With countless Instagram likes to prove it, it’s pretty apparent that fall’s favourite combo (skirt and boots) is here to stay! Master the trend by wearing a short skirt that hovers right above your knee for the most flattering effect. Who said fashion wasn’t easy? 


#6 Thou a shady lady
Apart from adding the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, sunglasses hide a multitude of sins. Hit a style note and pick from our exhaustive edit of chic pairs that will take you from morning till evening. As Frank Sinatra once said, “Put your sunglasses on, because you ain’t going home ‘til morning comes.”


#7 Thou shall...own a personality piece
You’ve been a very good girl whole of last year and here’s why you deserve something special, something that encapsulates your personality. Our recommended choice is definitely the season's most coveted item, the lace-up shoe. There’s no better way to show off those ultra-toned pins...



#8 Thou shall...embrace all colours
Of course we know about your current obsession with neutrals, but there’s no reason to chuck these lovely colours down the drain. Learn a lesson in chic by It blogger Gary Pepper or America’s top socialite Olivia Palermo and introduce bright, happy colours to your otherwise boring winter palette. You can thank us later!

1. 9 To 5 Pumps Rs. 1,499

2. KOOVS Denim Mini Skirt Rs. 1,195

3. KOOVS Pencil Dress Rs. 1,195

4. KOOVS Bustier Top Rs. 1,495

5. KOOVS Sling Bag Rs. 1,495

6. KOOVS Playsuit Rs. 1,195


#9 Thou shall...go on a holiday
There’s nothing like a cheap thrill, but there’s also nothing like a well-planned holiday that you’ve always dreamt of! We suggest Croatia—think turquoise water, marina partying and a lot of sparkling blues. Whether you want to beach hop or hit the seaside town, Europe’s newest Riviera has it all.


#10 Thou shall…cook once in a while
We are by no means chefs, but a little cooking every now and then can really work it’s magic! Go grocery shopping, pick up the ingredients you once penned down in your journal and make a delectable meal. Nothing feels as good as a plate full of goodness! 


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