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  • 21 November 2015

“I woke up to reality only to chase my daydreams

Cus I really know it's worth it”— Lady Leshurr

Currently on loop at the KOOVS.COM office is 'Hours' by Son of Kick Ft. Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey, also the background score of our brand new video. Step into KOOVS.COM to experience a fashion journey of a young couple, Nick and Sai, in a dream sequence around the world, empowered and liberated with their sartorial choices. The charismatic story revolves around travel, dance and music, all tying in together with fashion. From the streets of Mumbai to East London’s food market, an underground party in a Parisian ballroom to the Manhattan rooftop, it’s all about bringing global fashion right to your doorstep. 


Visualise a balletic Romeo and Juliet of the modern age showcasing our trend-led KOOVS collections as they embark on a fun-filled journey across the world. This music video features up-and-coming British rapper Lady Leshurr performing her explosive track, Hours by Son of Kick, along with a 17 year-old American hip hop dancer Dytto. We recently saw the talented dancer bringing her popping moves to Ellen DeGeneres' show and we’ve to say, we are totally in love! Stay hooked to KOOVS.COM and watch this beautiful journey unfold.



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