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  • 19 December 2015

Before we get ready to usher in the New Year, there's one tiny detail left to be taken care of! Christmas is here and we're making sure you get the gifts right. Here are 10 pieces that you should gift to the guy who makes you feel so special all the time. Trust us, these will give him a stylish update as well. 



1. The Grateful Thread Tonal Camo Blazer Rs. 6,995

Every guy must own a black dinner jacket for those evenings when he needs to dress to impress. Next time you’re invited to a fancy cocktail, this shawl collar piece will ensure that your man is as impeccable as you are.


2. KOOVS Floral Print Bow Tie Rs. 295

Is your guy someone who only wears ties? Now’s the time to make that change to his style. This floral-print bow tie has that artistic feel to it that will lend a creative edge to his look.  


3. KOOVS Exclusive Print Shirt Rs. 1,095

Not all printed shirts end up looking as dapper as this piece. When he wears it to the New Year’s eve party you’re going to, we assure you, he’ll stand out in the crowd as the one who truly knows his fashion. 


4. Pataaka Inverted Quotes Brooch Rs. 399

It’s the little details that make all the difference. Only a few men pay much attention to that. This fun accessory will slot him in the category of those who dress-up not just to look good, but to make a lasting impression.



5. Mark Maddox Roman Dial Watch Rs. 4,495

Here’s an accessory that he will wear day in and day out. This rose-gold watch balances a classic design with chronograph functionality, making it perfect whether he’s off to work or a sit-down dinner.


6. Berfolk Peacoat Rs. 3,299

It’s winter and he needs to stay warm, without bundling up in a bag full of wool. Cut slim and extremely smart, this coat is the outer layer he needs this season. And it’s so versatile that he can wear it over a sweatshirt or a blazer.


7.  KOOVS Zip Detail Card Holder Rs. 395

Bored of the boring black or brown wallet that bulks up his pocket? Replace it with this pop-coloured cardholder. It’s so slim he’s going to want to carry his cards everyday—that’s a good thing isn’t it?


8. KOOVS Royal Bomber Jacket Rs. 1,495

He loves his sports-inspired pieces, doesn’t he? This silver bomber jacket from our Dark Knights trend is just that. It’s as comfortable as the ones he takes for a boys night out, but fancy enough to take you out dancing.


9. D-struct Colour Block Pullover Rs. 1,895

Pullovers are comfortable pieces that can be worn as is or layered under a jacket. White might be a difficult colour to maintain, but this piece will keep him cosy through the season. Have you booked those nights at the fancy resort in the hills already?  


10. KOOVS Faux Leather Loafers Rs. 1,395

Be prepared for a, “you got me red shoes?” reaction. Until, he tries them on. Chunky sole and tassels make this piece extremely on-trend. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, but you’re giving him a style makeover, aren’t you?


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