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  • 23 December 2016

It's said that how you spend New Year's Eve is indicative of what your whole year looks like... And while dressing up and going out is the popular way to do it, butter popcorn and champagne with your girls also sounds like a wicked night, doesn't it? Either way, we've curated a movie-marathon list that'll give you some serious NYE style inspo, going out or not. Whether it's a fancy evening out or an eat-till-you-lay-wasted-night-in, bid 2016 'au revoir' and holler at 2017 #LikeABoss. 





Emotion, comedy, and an exceptionally good-looking male cast list (Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duhamel and Ludacris... Need we say more?) in the world's biggest and most iconic city, New York City - What's not to love? Sit back and reminisce with your girlies while you gush over the cute outfit Lea Michelle has on during her big NYE performance... We have her big look right here for you-


1. KOOVS Dress, Rs. 1,495


2. Blueberry Choker, Rs. 499


3. Velvet Army Sandals, Rs. 2,895


4. KOOVS Jacket, Rs. 1,495





Next in line is the inevitable hopeless-romantic favourite - two strangers fall in love, but haven't ever met in real life (it's a classic 90s plot and we love it). Let the bubbly flow and get carried away as you think about all the twists and turns your love life threw your way this past year... but between all this, don't forget to catch Meg Ryan's major babe moments. Look like the die-hard romancer you are when you begin the countdown to an even more exciting 2017! Get the look here -


1. Forever New Top, Rs. 3,200


2. Blueberry choker, Rs. 699


3. KOOVS Earrings, Rs. 395


4. Boohoo Maxi Skirt, Rs. 1,995





A punch-bowl of stories and people whose paths cross on their way to a NYE party in 1981, this movie is a sure-shot 3rd on your movie-marathon list! This Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck and Kate Hudson starrer is the real-life version of a raging 31st December party. Amidst all the adolescent madness, Martha Plimpton's perfect-hostess ensemble caught our eye and went down in our style file stat. Here's the recreation of her look, perfect to show up in at all those end-of-year parties.


1. KOOVS Bangle, Rs. 495


2. KOOVS Clutch, Rs. 1,195


3. Blueberry Hairband, Rs. 449


4. KOOVS Earcuff, Rs. 395


5. Rare Maxi Dress, Rs. 3,895





Failed resolutions, brutal heartbreak, embarassing public moments and a lot of love... Bridget will forever remain our go-to girl. In your run up to New Year's Eve watch the movie with your squad or tuck in bed with all your favourite winter essentials. Either way, this look will hold you in good stead for your night in with your girls all year round :)


1. Lush Scarf, Rs. 1,399


2. Youshine Socks, Rs. 549


3. KOOVS Top, Rs. 295


4. Enamor Sleepwear, Rs. 895



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