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  • 14 June 2018

Founder of Anshuka Yoga, Parwani has devised a hardcore workout that B-town stars can't get enough of, including the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora and Tushar Kapoor! KOOVS.COM caught up with the celebrity trainer to find out more about how she stays fashionable and fit.


How did you become a trainer to the stars?


My career started out with me being a pilot, I was in a terrible accident that left me medically unfit and I was on bed rest unable to move around too much. I started physiotherapy and yoga as therapy to heal myself back. When yoga helped me so much I decided to get a teacher's training and explore the world of Yoga. Coincidentally I started working with Kareena Kapoor who was my first student. I was very lucky, I'd just started working with a yoga company and they sent me to her due to lack of trainers and she really loved my class, so much so that I started travelling with her on outdoor shoots and became her exclusive personal trainer. This started in 2009, post which many other celebrities heard about me and got in touch with me and ever since the list has been endless.


How do you keep clients motivated?


For me, keeping a client motivated is also about making sure that I'm very healthy and fit. Whoever you go for a class to should always motivate you, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Motivation always comes from looking good and feeling good!


What’s the best part about fitness fashion?


Fitness fashion is so important! When you dress well, for examples wearing cool yoga pants and pieces with motivational quotes on them, your clothes can inspire you to strive harder and look better. In your daily life, it’s so hard to introduce fitness or go to a gym or to a yoga class, fashion can make it more fun.


What K Active pieces from KOOVS.COM are you loving?


I love their ‘No Limits’ motivational yoga pants and the blue co-ord set that has great material and are super trendy.


What are the top songs on your workout playlist ATM?


My favourite go-to playlist is anything by Drake, I listen to him a lot while practising. The kind of music I play really depends on my mood. I also listen to a lot of Punjabi music as it’s very upbeat and keeps you lively and bubbly.


How can the everyday person incorporate a celeb-worthy fitness routine into their life?


For an everyday person, it’s very easy to incorporate the same. Just know what works for you and keep at it. For a celeb-worthy fitness routine if you find a good teacher, or a gym or a yoga place, just be motivated and commit to your workout. What really differentiates a normal person from a celebrity is discipline. So if you are able to keep up with the commitment and discipline that a celebrity has you can see the same changes in your own body and can even achieve even better results.



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