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  • 11 May 2016

From a desert wasteland about thirty years ago to a glitter-filled emirate with all-things luxury, Dubai has come a long way! With its cosmopolitan vibe, extravagant shopping experience, sandy beaches and world-class architecture, it is the Arab kingdom on our radar for a week-long adventure. Get ready to make your escape. 


Whether you want to explore the city's traditional Arabian souks in the Deira district or head to the biggest malls in the world, shopping is quite an experience in this emirate. In fact, Dubai is also a duty-free destination, which means, it flocks a lot of tourist all-year round, especially during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. Once you're done splurging your money on luxury brands, make the most of the guaranteed sunshine to see what the place has to offer! 


1 - Burj Al Arab
If you prefer your stars five and up, then this is the place to book for a breath-taking experience! By breathtaking we mean, Versace bedspreads, Hermes bathroom goodies, and television framed in gold. So casual! 


2 - Burj Khalifa
This one's a no brainer. It's the world's tallest building, and perhaps, the most photographed one too! You can either buy a ticket to go up and see the aerial view of Dubai or stand anywhere in the vicinity of Dubai Mall for a full-blown sight-seeing experience. 
Spoiler alert: There's no way you can fit in the entire Burj Khalifa in one, single photograph. 

3 - Dubai Creek

For an inexpensive yet cultural excursion, head to the Dubai Creek. Prepare to see historic houses, lively souk and traditional dhows. Make sure to get on the abra ride to soak up the culture.


4 - The Dubai Fountain
Ever seen a dancing fountain? Well, here's your chance! Be amazed by this gorgeous spectacle of water, music and light every evening in the middle of Downtown Dubai. Good thing, it's free too! 


5 - Head to the beach
For downtime, head to the sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the free public beaches in Dubai. 


What to wear: From standout swimwear to cute shorts and relaxed cover-ups, pack it all...


Here are the restaurants you should be eager to book tables at! 


1 - Brasserie Quartier
From hand-cut steak tartare and baked escargot to freshly baked patisserie heaven, bookmark Brasserie Quartier at the St. Regis Dubai for a classic French fare.


2 - White Dubai
Outdoor nightclub? Yes please! Get a 360-degree view of Dubai at this ultimate party destination! 


3 - Hanaaya
Dine away in this elegant restaurant featuring contemporary international cuisine. Enjoy the exotic aromas and live cooking stations.


4 - Enigma
For an avant-garde dining experience, try the recently opened Enigma at the Palazzo Versace for bespoke menus unveiled upon arrival. 


What to wear: You're in the lap of luxury, keep it sophisticated. Think lace dresses, razor-sharp jumpsuits and elegant separates. 



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