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  • 25 October 2016

It's been a glorious year for Elena Fernandes. The half-Peruvian, half-Goan stunner made her acting debut in Kapoor & Sons this year, along with Fawad Khan, and recently won the title of 'Asia's Supermodel of the Year' and 'Maxim World Rising Star'. Razor-sharp, gorgeous to the T, super-chilled... you know the girl's got game from the word go.

The #babetoknow, we caught up with Elena unplugged. Here's everything you need to know, and then some more ;)


Koovs: How did you get into modelling?
Elena: Scouted when I was at a party with my friends, and to be honest I knew nothing about fashion. I’ve always been a super geek. My American agency scouted me, but my parents said no you have to finish your studies — GCSE’s, A levels, Law Degree. And when I finished all of that, my career kickstarted.


K: When you are not busy modeling what are some of your favourite things to do?
E: Rescuing and nurturing animals. I work with TNR – Trap-Neuter-Return. We catch stray cats and get them vaccinated, de-fleed, de-wormed and return them to where we found them to live a happy healthy life.


K: If you weren’t a model what would you be?
E: Some sort of power figure, Prime Minister or work in the British Intelligence


K: What do you binge on and can’t get enough of?
E: Coco puff cereals. I’m addicted to coco puffs!


K: What is your favourite place to travel to?
E: London – there’s no place like home! I also really love Bali. I went there for the first time with Vogue India. It was also my first shoot with an Indian publication and I fell in love with Bali.


K: What’s your all-time favorite movie and why? Excited about a new movie or new season online?
E: Pans Labyrinth. It's about a girl and how she escapes reality with fairy tales. And, Jaws because I love sharks since I was a kid.


K: What are you most excited about this year?
E: Excited about my film career, because I’m reading scripts at the moment from both Hollywood and Bollywood. I can’t reveal too much. Everything is going to be next level from here on!


K: What’s your go-to place for downtime with friends?
E: Any kind of burger place because I love burgers, or someone’s house to chill. A quiet scene, nothing loud.


K: What would make a date ‘epic’ for you? What would you wear for it?
E: Something chilled-out! I like going to the cinema or dinner and when I say dinner, I mean something like McDonalds. I’m not high maintenance, but I wouldn't mind slipping into a short and sexy dress either. 


K: What would you like more? Night in with the beau or going out for a long drive?
E: Night in.

K: What’s your laidback style?

E: Jeans and T-shirt, the standard model uniform.


K: What designers do you love working with right now, and would like to work in the future?

E: I love Sabyasachi, but I haven’t had a chance to work with him yet. And Givenchy, because it's just amazing. Everyone loves Givenchy.


K: At fashion week, what sort of a diet do you follow?

E: Don’t follow any diet. I eat healthy in general because if you’re dieting, you’re putting your body under stress. Instead, I maintain a fitness regime.


K: If you could give us one dish that is power packed and easy to make, what would it be?

E: Chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes wrapped in pancetta, with sweet potatoes on the side.


K: Are there certain things you would never eat?

E: Veal, seafood, elephant, giraffe, rabbit and such.


K: Yoga or running?

E: Running. Yoga is too peaceful for me.


K: What track are you tripping on at the moment?

E: Justin Bieber — Cold Water ft. Major Lazer


K: Plans for Diwali?

E: Spending time with family and help as many stray animals as I can. It's a stressful period for them because of the fireworks and pollution.


K: Decided on New Year goals yet?

E: Continue the motto, never give up.


K: A quote that inspires you, or something you’d like to say to young girls?

E: Always have a back-up in life and always rely on yourself.


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