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Flare Jeans- comeback fashion of 70 & the 80s and it’s just WOW

A special type of trouser which is stitched out of denim and dungaree cloth is termed as “Jeans.” This kind of quality cloth is very comfortable and even looks very smart when teamed with beautiful and tops and even with formal shirts for women. Jeans is one of the most symbolized clothing for everyone today, as it represented the modern style and culture. Apart from pants, there are various more versions of jeans, such as flare pants, hot pants, jackets, skirts, and shirts.

Among these of the most famous jeans is called the “Flare-Jeans.” Many people feel that Flare jeans are not at all attractive compared to other ladies jeans in the market but that’s not true. They look beautiful when you wear these with different styled tops and even you can try this with the satin ponchos.

Know the history of the flared jeans for women:-

Years back common people like sailors and gold miners of California wore jeans while working. This was one of the most fashionable and prestigious clothing from past years. It was that time during the 1700s when jeans were made from wool and cotton, but now it’s made from many different fabrics available in the market which adds elegance and class once wore. Do you realize from where the word “blue jeans” incepted? It came from the indigo plant as it was the only way to dye the pants. India exported Indigo to foreign countries like Egypt, Rome, Asia and many more.

If we look back to past and talk about these jeans, then we will understand that all the famous designers are welcoming them with open arms. In and around the 19th century this type of jeans was first introduced to the population. Surprisingly people accepted this style and worn it with their tunics, over coats and other types of tops. People from the military background highly accepted these jeans and included it in their uniform.

Types of ladies jeans:

1. Eye-Popping Flare Jeans:

Do you love slim-fit jeans? This eye-popping flare jeans with a slim and trim waistline is a great pick to don with your favourite t-shirts, tunics, kurtis and more.

2. Distinct Flare Leg Jeans:

Want to be the centre of attraction of the party? Try these jeans. This is the best jeans for all women party lovers. This jean is an attention seeker. Get the best pair of Distinct Flare Leg Jeans for yourself and team it with short t-shirt and wear the cat eye sunglasses.

3. Sensational Flare:

This is one of the best pair of jeans any women would love to have. It’s a white jean having an artistic and colorful work below. The jean goes well with the tagline “Sensational Flare Jeans.” It gives the best sizzling look to a women’s style. It also has a patchwork over the side of the jeans. This one can be your best party wear ever. To complete your look with these jeans just wear a plain black top and become the style icon.

4. High waisted flared jeans:-

Another kind of such jeans which looks awesome with hot pink tops or you can even wear a sleeveless top and flaunt it with a fashionable sling bag.

Where to buy women flared jeans online in India- login to Koovs.com

With the growing demand for the market, jeans have come a long way. The need for a pair of jeans nowadays has exceptionally leaded the jeans industry to a great height. Talking about Flare Jeans has raised the demand in the market suddenly. Look for the best Flare pair of jeans at the online store and shop online. Koovs.com can be your best partner to buy your favorite pair of jeans. They give you the best service and a wide variety of products.

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