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Cool and casual: Men’s party wear is all about style

Most men know how to throw a smashing party, but very few know how to dress for it. Party wear for men has always been simpler than women’s, and more defined in terms of occasion. From bespoke suits and bowler hats, we have come a long way to athletic party wear where casual is king. Today, men’s party wear is what we get when new-age fashion meets timeless classics. With a thousand options to choose from, you are free to deck up in classy suits to brazen shirts to super-fun rompers for men. Shop at KOOVS.COM to take your pick from our exclusive party wear men’s collection.

How Party Wear for Men has evolved

Men’s party wear did not go through as many revolutions as it did for women, but there were obvious and drastic changes over the years. 1920s is the era where menswear as we know now, originated. Cultural changes after WWI influenced a radical transformation in men’s wear. The old Edwardian style of clothes faded from the limelight, and simpler suits gained popularity. Straight-cut suits with slim, unpadded jackets over trousers became the norm. Brighter colours and fabrics were worn to celebrate events, as Jazz music created a happy ambiance everywhere. Post-war optimism and Hollywood obsession forced men to dress to their best.

As the Gatsby era passed, and the Great Depression set in, cutbacks in clothing and manufacturing showed. There was an attempt at restructuring men’s wear without losing out on style. Here, we saw the padded jackets back in fashion, with tapered trousers. The “Superman” look with broad shoulders, thin waists, and slim legs became hugely popular, influencing the fashion industry majorly.

As we trickle down history pages, suits became more comfortable and cut fuller. The idea was to make men’s attire perfect for any body type, without the need for custom tailoring. Flamboyant ties, slick and shiny shoes, oiled hair and a clean pocket square – this is how a gentleman looked in the yesteryears. When the tides of time changed, the styles became much more casual, and less conservative. While suits still reign high on our cocktail attire, men’s party dress code has also embraced t shirts, shirts, and shorts. You can easily say that 21st century is a colourful scrapbook of all the styles of the past.

Choose from a variety of Men’s Party Wear Collection

The key to cracking the party wear dress code is deciding what kind of party it is. Modern party wear for men are heavily influenced by sporty, athleisure outfits, and lack the strict decorum of yesteryears. Party wear for men can be categorised based on occasions:

Marriage: Weddings call for smart cocktail attire. Men’s wear for marriage party includes tailored suits, crisp formal shirts and tapered pants. Here is when you bring out the best items of your wardrobe, without upstaging the guests of honours. A block, solid coloured shirt is best for pairing with party wear jackets for men. When experimenting with prints, low-key checks, and pinstripes are go-to favourites. Opt for silk ties, cufflinks and clean party wear shoes to complete your attire.

Beach party: Not as formal as a wedding, rules are much lax for beach parties. You can either wear printed shorts, or dazzle in party wear t-shirts for men. While wearing shirt, opt for pastel colours and leave it untucked. With flip flops on your feet, and wind in your hair, you’ll be good to go.

Dinner party: Dinner parties are everyone’s favourite type of social events for two reasons: good food and good clothes. Dinner parties swing between the casual and semi-formal scale. Opt for smart fitted jeans with turtleneck sweaters. A slim fit casual t shirt with a party wear jacket, worn with chinos, can also be a good option. If you’re hoping to keep things comfortable, then opt for tailored party wear shirts for men with dark jeans.

Dance party: This is where things get fun and frisky. Brighten up the party with some statement t-shirts, paired with ripped jeans and funky sneakers. Have your pick from a range of bomber jackets, leather jackets and denim jackets to top your basic outfits. With killer kicks and smooth sneakers on your feet, you will be ready to get the party started.

Buy Party Wear for Men Online

Be it a birthday celebration, a concert, or a bachelor party, we have outfits to suit all needs and occasions. Shop at KOOVS.COM to pick out your favourites from an exclusive men’s party wear collection. With the best of brands like Flying Machine, Garcon, Zobello, X.O.Y.O., Marcello & Ferri, Being Human, Nike and Adidas, you can be sure to steal the limelight. Do online shopping in order to make these brands yours right now.

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