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Look Suave in Our Cool T-Shirts for Men

A lot of clothing options are described as a “wardrobe staple” but none fit the bill as aptly as the T shirt. Simple and easy to wear, t-shirts for men can be appropriately flaunted anywhere, be it on a beach, in bed, in parties or a date night. It requires the most minimal effort, while offering classic looks immortalized by heartthrobs like James Dean and Marlon Brando. Their appeal goes back all the way to the Industrial Revolution, where the t-shirt originated as an undershirt.

How were Mens & Boys T-Shirts Discovered?

Getting their name from the T-shaped silhouette of the boxy body and cut sleeves, t-shirts were originally designed to cover the whole body. They were designed to act as perspiration absorbent, and serve as a barrier between ‘good’ clothes and bodily grime. The heavy industrialization later required the t-shirts to be made in more breathable fabric such as cotton, instead of the heavy wool and silk. These cotton t-shirts were more properly fitted, as well as were soft to the skin. As 19th century rolled by, these union suits got divided into a two-piece set and t-shirts were worn as a top along with trousers, particularly by dockers and miners.

Around the turn of the 20th century, US military men were issued comfortable undershirts that were easy to clean. However, due to the harsher, tropical climates they fought in, soldiers often removed their uniforms and preferred working in just their trouser and tees. Even after the war, the veterans continued wearing t-shirts inside the house, sometimes even outside. Boys t-shirts also became common play clothes, received with much wider acceptance as they were easier to maintain. While in the 40s, we saw the t-shirt gaining popularity as an outerwear, it was only after the s legends made it cool, that we saw t-shirts becoming widely accepted. Movies like Rebel Without a Cause, The Wild One, and A Streetcar Named Desire turned the simple t-shirt into a masculine symbol of cool edge. And as it happened, the middle class was quick to adopt the classic item into their wardrobes. It has been a long time since then, but the t-shirt continues to remain a favourite staple for many.

Know about the Different Stlyes of T-Shirts

Its origins may be plain and simple, but the t-shirt has come a long way to be spawned into many different styles. Have a pick from the lot:


For something as basic as T-shirt, it sure has a lot of variety in its design. Starting from the least complicated option, we have the round neck t-shirt which is a no-fuss style that suits almost everybody. Most popularly worn as a stand-alone outfit with jeans, round neck t-shirts can also be paired with a sports jacket or blazer. If you want to create the illusion of height near your neck area, opt for V neck t-shirts for men that serve to elongate the neck. A more formal option that still displays your laid-back attitude is the polo t-shirt for men. With a neat collar t-shirt to boot, these are perfect to achieve the smart-casual look. If a collar is not on your mind, but buttons are, go for the timeless Henley t-shirt. With an uncanny ability to make everyone look smart, there is not much that can go wrong with Henley t-shirts. For colder weather, we would advise you to wear high neck t-shirts, and turtlenecks. Snug and comfortable, they provide enough warmth, while looking extremely attractive.


Fit is the most important route to style. An ill-fitted t-shirt is not going to win you any points in the fashion game. Unless you specifically buy an oversized t-shirt, a normal t-shirt should fit skim the angles of your body, without restricting movement. A perfect fit would highlight the best features of your body, be it arms, shoulders or chest. The right fit would have the seams of the t-shirt sitting on the edge of your shoulders. If you’ve got a muscular body, flaunt it with fitted full sleeve t-shirts for men. However, taller guys should wear half sleeves t shirt that display your biceps and triceps. Apart from sports t-shirt, your t-shirt should not stick tight to your body.


The days of the plain white t-shirt are not yet gone, but it’s good to have a colourful collection in your arsenal. A black t-shirt can be paired with almost anything, along with navy and grey. Which colours you choose beyond these neutrals depends on your skin tone. Check the online collection of statement printed t-shirts that serve a whole lot of attitude to the outfit.

Suit Up Yourself with Branded T-Shirts

With KOOVS.COM, you can take your pick of branded t-shirts from NIKE, Adidas, KOOVS, Being Human, X.O.Y.O., Jack & Jones, Fila, and many more. Wear your white t-shirt with a classy blazer, and tapered trousers, or go rock-n-rolling with a leather jacket on top. Layer your t-shirt with bomber jackets, varsity jackets and denim jackets to up your cool factor. Be it ripped, distressed, slim-fit or classic, all jeans look best with a simple t-shirt. Shop online to make these outfits yours today.

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