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Best Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses are an absolute must-have for men without spectacles and for men with spectacles, the sunglasses can be made specially to suit the eye power. Sunglasses for men come in many different shapes, colors, and styles. The best thing is that no matter what brand if they look attractive, they sell like hotcakes. The latest thing with mens sunglasses is to have a nice full pair of glasses coated with the anti-radiation coating and an anti-glare coating for maximum eye protection. Stylish new looks are being invented every day so that men no longer need to settle for their eyewear – they can wear whatever they love. Two of the biggest names in this industry are aviator sunglasses and wayfarer sunglasses.

History of Men’s Sunglasses

The early Inuits wore flattened ivory glasses to prevent harmful snow-glare. The earliest documented mention of sunglasses for men dates to the 12th century in China where smoky quartz panes were used. Around 1752, James Ayscough began experimenting with tinted lenses hoping to cure visual impairments. It was around the early 1900’s that Hollywood stars made the presence of mens sunglasses known to the world. By 1929, inexpensive, mass production of sunglasses came into being and by the end of World War II, Ray-Ban had already made its mark by creating anti-glare, polaroid filtered sunglasses. To date, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses is a household name in the eyewear industry. Today, sunglasses have almost become commonplace in terms of UV protection for the eyes.

Stand Out in the Crowd with Wayfarer & Aviator Sunglasses

There are mainly five variants of sunglasses for men that have taken the world by storm. Perhaps the most commonly known of these is Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses. With smoky or reflective lens set into dark and heavy metal frames, Aviators offer the modern style statement through brand recognition alone. They were used by pilots once – today, they are everywhere.

Browline sunglasses have thick top frames that literally hug the browline and thin bottom frames for their lens. This is a mostly retro variant of mens sunglasses, but there is an entire line of eyewear that screams retro – the retro square sunglasses. Retros, with their boxy shapes and thick, accented frames suit every face shape and size. Another sunglass that goes with almost everything is the classic round frame.

For adventurers looking to throw down, sport sunglasses are the clear and obvious choice of eyewear. Wayfarer sunglasses is possibly one of the best in the world at making sport sunglasses. These stylish sunglasses have a wide range of color choices for the frames and equally vibrant choices for the panes. Most of them come with polaroid lens to fight glare and are very popular choices among men goggles.

Some of the top brands in men goggles available at Koovs’ online store includes Jeeper’s Peepers, Koovs, Kindred, and Pataaka. These brands have a lot to offer in terms of style, design, and quality. Let us not forget that in today’s world, these goggles are fashion accessories for men and a style statement. So, it is very important to think about the self-image before choosing one. Sport sunglasses look very cool on almost all men, so it may be a good idea to give Wayfarer sunglasses a shot. Their superb branding and quality are simply too good to be expressed. It is more of a lifestyle experience than a fashion accessory.

Shop for Men’s Sunglasses Online in India at Koovs

Koovs was founded to let quality and pricing of the most extraordinary sorts blow people’s minds. Quality is never an issue with this remarkable online store, and neither is choice. Choose from a wide range of latest sunglasses from the comfort of your home and let the convenience of it all just wash over you. The client is the highest priority at and without exception. Shopping online for men have made so much easier as everything can be sorted out with the click of a button. No need to wander aimlessly from aisle to aisle at a retail outlet – just sit at home and pick whatever takes your fancy. Compare thousands of different products and look up other categories to shop at right from your couch.

Some of the other product categories that a lot of men search for while looking at sunglasses are some very closely associated fashion items – mainly clothing such as denim jackets and leather jackets. For someone looking to experiment, bomber jackets with a casual shirt underneath look really cool with sunglasses. For a classic look, leather and denim jackets are both fantastic choices to go with sparkling new sunglasses. Some men even look for gloves and shoes that go well with the new glasses. For future reference, it depends entirely on the rest of the wardrobe and what look you are really going for. For a conventional look, stick to black and white, or brown and white.

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