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  • 3 March 2016

Unless you are still a regular at Rock Bottom—the nightclub that was once on everybody’s after-party list—we’re guessing you haven't entered Ramee Guestline Hotel in Mumbai in a few years. It’s time to change that, especially if Japanese cuisine satiates your appetite. Ruka, the hotel’s new restaurant, is just the kind of place you need for a quick post-work meal and some exquisite drinks.


A Bahrain import, Ruka was launched in Middle Eastern country, a couple of years ago, as a fine-dine space. The Mumbai outpost is diametrically different, and has been designed as an informal lounge divided into a live sushi counter, a bar area, a low-seating lounge, and a large restaurant. Everything with minimal black-and-brown décor, and dim lighting. An outdoor space features a tall aquarium.

An izakaya-style diner with a fully stocked bar, Ruka is known for its molecular cocktails. Try a few like the White Elder Gin—a concoction of gin, elder flower syrup, apple juice, cucumber, and egg white—or, the Japanese Smoky Toddy that is made with whisky, sake, green tea, spices and fruit, topped with apple smoke. The food menu is a mix of traditional Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi and tempura, and some experimental mains. Go for the Spicy Tuna Maki, a California roll generously topped with chilli miso and wasabi flavoured fish roe. The 5 Hour Oriental Spiced Pork Belly is flavoured with ginger, soy, sake and cinnamon to give it a mix of sweet, salty and stickiness. From the dessert section, pick the Chawanmushi, a cold coconut custard topped with seasonal fruits and passion fruit foam, or the airy and moist green tea and banana cake, drizzled with toffee.


What: Ruka

Where: Ramee Guestline Hotel, Mumbai

Contact: 022-67159225


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