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  • 21 April 2016

1. Wedding Album

Directed by Girish Karnad, Wedding Album is a tongue-in-cheek comic drama that explores the traditional Indian wedding in a globalised day. Starring Ira Dubey, Suchitra Pillai, Rajev Paul and Utkarsh Mazumdar, the play portrays the infectious enthusiasm and nervousness that a modern yet traditionally-rooted family has during their daughter's marriage. The story revolves around the middle-class Nadkarni family from Dharwad in Karnataka, that is gearing up for the wedding of their youngest child, the 22-year-old Vidula. The NRI groom lives in the US and the two communicate with each other via video calls. But for all their modern thinking, the irony is that they only meet each other in person, days before the wedding.


Where: NCPA, Mumbai

When: April, 27


2. Emil’s Enemies

Emil was the code name given to Hitler by the German underground, which many senior military officers were a part of. Although the German resistance to National Socialism included dozens of men and women, both inside and outside of the military, three figures in German Military Intelligence were central to every attempt at a coup between 1938 and 1944: Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, General Hans Oster and Hans von Dohnanyi, plot leader and brother-in-law to Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Emil’s Enemies, an internationally acclaimed play by Prof. Douglas Huff, reconstructs Nazi Germany. It describes the happenings in the Bonhoeffer family, and particularly in the life of the Lutheran Priest Dietrich Bonhoeffer, dragged into the plans to assassinate Hitler. 


Where: Rang Shankara/Ada Ranga Mandira/Alliance Francaise, Bengaluru

When: April, 21 to May, 8


3. Death On Stage

Directed by New Delhi-based playwright, director, Devesh Nigam, this comic drama is about contemporaray individuals who believe in surrounding themselves with illusions to justify acts that are contradictory to their own nature. Death On Stage begins on a witty note when an announcer is annoyed by the so-called illusionary method of theatre. Everything is smooth-sailing as per the script until there is a death on stage over a rehearsal and how the bunch of actors deal with the situation.


Where: Akshara Theatre, New Delhi

When: April, 30 


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