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  • 7 March 2016

1. Abhaya And The Steam Injuns, Nepal

Darjeeling-born Abhaya Subba formed her band Abhaya and The Steam Injuns in 2003, named after the engines that pull the hill station’s toy train. Kick-started as an acoustic blues group, the band is now known in the Himalayan country for its progressive rock and pop rock numbers.

Listen: Insomniac


2. Hari + Sukhmani, India

If you ardently followed Coke Studio on MTV, you might already know them. Sukhmani Malik, a trained Hindustani classic vocalist, and producer, vocalist and audio engineer Hari Singh, come together to form Hari + Sukhmani. Inspired by Sufi poets, the duo fuse traditional Punjabi folk music with electronica sounds.

Listen: Madhaniya


3. Noori, Pakistan

Lahore-based brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza, moved away from their law and economics professions to create Noori in 1996, today dubbed as the 21st century pop revolution of Pakistan. In 2015, Noori rose back to the limelight after a 10-year hiatus, releasing the new album, Begum Gul Bakaoli Sarfarosh.

Listen: Aik Tha Badshah


4. Druk Revival, Bhutan

Thimpu-based five-piece Druk Revival, led by vocalist Ugyen Pandey, blends their original compositions with selected pieces of rock, reggae and popular Bollywood numbers. 

Listen: Ala La La


5. LRB, Bangladesh

Founded in 1991 by guitarist Ayub Bachchu, LRB has performed over 1,000 gigs across Asia, Europe and the USA. Although highly influenced by Western pop music, the rock group often bases their compilations on heritage Bengali folk songs.


6. Paranoid Earthling, Sri Lanka

Formed by Mirshad Buckman in 2001, this Kandy-based band features him as the vocalist, drummer Shanka Samarasinghe, bassist Asela Bandara and guitarist Dhanushka Samarasinghe. Playing for over 15 years, rock act Paranoid Earthling’s energetic grunge performances are often blended with punk, psychedelic, blues and groove sounds.  

Listen: Deaf Blind Dumb


7. Parikrama, India

This New Delhi-based rock 'n' roll band needs no introduction. Having never released an official studio album, Parikrama excels in enthralling its fans with live acts. Over the last two decades, the band has penned and composed various originals, experimenting with instruments as varied as a tabla and a violin.

Listen: But It Rained


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When: March 11, 5 pm


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