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  • 1 January 2016

Calorie Care’s expert team of chefs and nutritionists work together to design meals that provide a balanced diet. Thus their food is a mix of carbs and proteins, high on fibre, low on fat, and with minimal cholesterol content. You can order breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between snacks from a pre-listed weekly menu that is built from over 2,000 healthy recipes. We recommend you try the Cajun herb spiced chicken, which is protein-rich lean breast meat marinated in Indian and American spices.


Where: Mumbai

Contact: or 022-2412200

A favourite of the KOOVS.COM team, Eatonomist offers calorie-counted meals that don’t compromise on taste. So you can choose from a list of Indian and international everyday meals that are either under 300 or 500 calories. From premium lean-cut meat to locally sourced vegetables, and a myriad of sensational salads, there’s a dish for every mood that you’re in. And ordering from their website is as simple and easy as shopping online!


Where: Gurgaon

Contact: or 8800233100

Fit Dish Fetish uses seasonal organic ingredients to focus on creating dishes that will balance your protein and carb intake. Their meals come in two sizes, based on the protein source quantity. But they can also sign you up for a personalised meal plan, built around your fitness goals. Though all dishes are cooked when you order, to save yourself the hassel of ordering daily, try freezing meals for a week.


Where: Bengaluru

Contact: or 9741006021


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