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  • 25 August 2016

1. 5 Second Rule

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Sofia Vergara, Adele and Elisabeth Banks are some of the celebrities who have been challenged by Ellen Degeneres to play this game on her show. The rules are simple: You pick a card and name three things that match the topic on it. Sounds easy? Not when you’re on the timer and have only five seconds. We assure you, you wouldn’t be able to name three yellow fruits.


2. Apples To Apples

It’s an easy to play card game that is known as the ‘game of crazy combinations’ and needs you to be in your wittiest best. There are two decks of cards — Thing and Description — often referred to as the red and green apple cards. The active player draws one from the Description pile, while others match it best with a Thing card in their hand. How would you best describe Fuzzy if you had Corn on the Cob, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Going to the Dentist, Star Fruit, and My Past as your Thing cards?

3. Last Will

If stockpiling wealth in Monopoly is your forte, try Last Will. But, instead of building an empire, the aim of this game is to spend a fortune in the most lavish way possible. In his will, Uncle Generous has left behind a large sum for each of his nephews and nieces. The one who spends it first will be proclaimed the rightful heir to his empire, and of course the winner. So go on, visit the most exclusive theatres, eat at the fanciest restaurants, host a sick party at your mansion, and buy old properties for the price of new ones to sell them as ruins. 


4. Shout!

Good at thinking on your feet? You’re most likely to take away the winning prize in this quirky and fun quiz game. Nine questions, phrases, pictures, words need to be answered or identified in one minute. The team that does it first, shouts! It’s not your knowledge of trivia that will get you to the top score, but your speed of thought.

5. Two Rooms And A Boom

A bomber, a president, two teams and hostages — this game sounds like a ploy for a planned attack. Well, it is! Players are divided into two rooms and handed a card each that describes their role. Hostages are exchanged between the groups in three separate rounds. At the end of the game if the president and the bomber end up in the same room, the red team wins. Otherwise, the blue team is the winner. 


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