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  • 28 June 2016

The first thing you’ll notice at Burma Burma, the newest restaurant and tea room at Cyber Hub, is the vibrant and colourful décor, which instantly transports you to Southeast Asia. Large multi-hued bells hang from the ceiling, a grey rustic wall is covered with paintings on bamboo strips, chalk drawings decorate another, and woven shawls have been used as tapestry. Pop-coloured artefacts add a touch of the country’s culture to the bar area, among which you’ll also find a Russian matryoshka lookalike, which actually is a Burmese doll.


A brainchild of Chirag Chhajer and Ankit Gupta, Burma Burma initially opened two-and-half years ago in Mumbai, where getting a table still needs a reservation. The Gurgaon space is the duo’s first effort towards expansion, and a welcome newcomer to the millennium city.

Burmese cuisine is inspired by neighbouring countries, and the coastal, forest, tropical and mountainous cultures prevalent in Myanmar. The menu at Burma Burma is wholly vegetarian, and curated using family recipes that Gupta's mother acquired while being raised in the country. Start your meal with salads that use ingredients like tealeaf, raw mango and sunflower leaves. Our favourite was the sunflower leaves and crispy wheat flakes salad, flavoured with a tamarind chilly dressing. From the soups section, the Samuza Hincho, a tangy cabbage, carrot and capsicum soup that has an Indian samosa in it, is the perfect way to warm-up on a dull rainy day. If you’re a fan of coconut base dishes, we recommend you pick two of Burma Burma’s specialities—a mashed corn starter cooked with coconut cream and served with a flaky yet melt-in-your-mouth soft paratha, and the Oh No Khow Suey that has the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.


No good meal is over without dessert. And so we tried two of the authentic Burmese ones on their menu. The Heart Cooler is a chilled glass of coconut milk, sweet bread, coconut jelly and lotus seeds, while the smokey avocado and honey ice-cream balances the bitter of the fruit with the sweetness of the nectar. Happy endings like these are just what everyone needs.


What: Burma Burma

Where: Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Contact: 0124-4372997


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