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  • 11 September 2016

Why we like his work: The visual artist reimagines nature with his intricate digital artworks, bringing life to the underwater world. Look out for his interpretations of sea creatures, like whales, octopuses, seals, and corals. His masterpieces are colourful and vibrant yet display a sense of calmness.


Instagram: @svabhukohli

Why we like his work: This Bengaluru-based illustrator likes to call himself a graphic artist, screamer and architect of insanity. Famously known as Acid Toad, he is also the frontman of the death metal band Inner Sanctum. His works resonate with his music, and so you’ll see psychedelic illustrations that are aligned with the metal subculture.


Instagram: @acid_toad

Why we like his work: His eclectic creations are a confluence of chunky shapes, rich tones and abstract line work. Aniruddh Mehta plays with geometry and urban imagery to create illustrations that are futuristic and sometimes hypnotic. He describes them as minimal.


Instagram: @thebigfatminimalist

Why we like his work: He’s an artist who brings letters and words to life. Pragun Agarwal’s brush lettering and calligraphy add character to simple phrases. Experimenting with different tools, he ensures that each artwork has its own eccentric appeal.


Instagram: @pragunagarwal


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