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  • 6 March 2016

These warm-weather pieces are ideal for everything from sweating it out in the gym, to chilling by the poolside. But did you know that all vests are not the same? Here are five styles that will give you five different looks.


1. The Longline

There can’t be a better piece to take to a music festival than a longline vest. A mix of ultra-casual, hip-hop and grunge, this style will keep you looking and feeling cool and relaxed as you drown in the music around you.


2. The Racer-back

Weekend getaways in the hills aren’t complete without long cycle rides or morning jogs through the woods. Get ready for the adventure in a loose and airy racer-back vest. It’s sporty, without being extra athletic.  


3. The Classic

A bit preppy, and slightly more dapper than the rest, classic vests are perfect accompaniments to your dressed-down weekend looks. Wear them as is through the day, and layer-up with an open casual shirt as the sun goes down.   


4. The Tank

Need a gym buddy? Here’s a trustworthy one. A tank vest will seamlessly take you from the treadmill to innumerable burpees and finally the weights section. They’re comfortable and breezy, and on the right side of gym appropriate gear.


5. The Muscle

From lounging at home to a beach holiday, muscle vests are versatile wardrobe essentials for months when the mercury rises high. And if you need to head to a tiki bar for an afternoon drink, you won’t feel out of place.




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