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  • 24 April 2017

Transitioning from season to season is always difficult, with the jump to summer being the hardest. Layering is a fashion fall back, as it can elevate a look from bland to distinguished with a couple of nifty styling tricks, but as the sun gets scorching it’s easy to find yourself forgetting your sense of taste in order to stay cool. We’re here to help you navigate the heat in style by pointing out some fashion faux pas, and how to steer clear of them…


DON'T: Strip Down

It’s tempting to wear next-to-nothing in order to survive the beating sun.  Don’t fall into this trap. Firstly, you’ve gotta look after your skin which means limiting too much direct contact with those pesky rays. Secondly, wearing nothing but a string vest and short-shorts isn’t very fashionable; reserve this look for festivals.


DO: Wear White

Change the fabrics and hues you wear for SS17, not your clothes. Breathable cottons, light-reflecting-whites and unlined jackets will be your sartorial saviors. 


DON'T: Put a Foot Wrong

Try not to tiptoe around footwear this SS17. Wave goodbye to flip-flops *shudder* and say hello to slides. If you need a smart shoe during the summer opt for a suede like fabric, which is more breathable than its counterpart of leather- because asphyxiating feet are never fun.


DO: Protect Your Peepers

Sunglasses aren’t just fashionable, they’re practical too. You need to protect your peepers from UV rays that can damage the retina. Also, squinting isn’t aloof or attractive in the slightest.


DON'T: Wear Socks

Embrace the mankle without having to ditch your hygiene standards. Invest in invisible socks that allow you to wear loafers and cropped trousers without a sock peeking through and ruining the whole aesthetic.  We’re not stuck in Victorian England, so flashing a bit of ankle is hardly provocative. You know what it is? Stylish to the max! 



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