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  • 12 October 2016

Shades of blue have held sizeable real estate in men’s wardrobes. This season turn towards the dark tones of Indigo. If your ideal choice would be to pick a blazer, change the thought. Instead go for a subtle bomber that you can smarten up with sharp trousers, or tone down with ripped denim. For more relaxed days we suggest a shaded denim shirt, or a simple vest, and classic trainers.

Have you always been intrigued by that deep maroon colour of red wine? Well, its time to incorporate it into your looks. Not really a hue you’d want head-to-toe, it’s best worn when complemented with classics like blue, black and white. Want to take baby steps? Slip into a pair of espadrilles, or pick a tee that has stripes of burgundy. When you’ve broken the ice, go for more out there pieces like a pullover or a shirt.

No surprise that the military’s preferred colour palette falls in our list of one of the season’s must haves. Here’s a hue that’s neutral and allows other colours to pop. Make it the base for paler shades, or layer it over with a bomber jacket. If you’re looking for some print, take army-style to the next level and try camouflage. For more inspiration, read our How To Wear Khaki feature.

The onset of winter always brings out our deeper hues like grey and black. Luckily for us, grey is making its biggest impact this season. Now, wearing a grey tee with similar jeans is not going to make you look dull. Take your pick from smart and casual pieces and liberally splash your outfits with the hue. If someone says, “you’re so boring,” ask them to read this!




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