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  • 26 December 2015

Here’s a simple little accessory that can make a large impact to your tailored outfits. From a plain white one that can match with most ensembles, to polka dots, paisleys and checks in vivid colours, an extensive pocket square collection is the easiest route to dapper. And here are three ways to wear them:


Left: The square fold is probably the most easily executed and versatile fold. Just as effective with a formal tuxedo jacket and bow tie, as it is with a blazer and knitted neck tie, it’s perfect if you’re finding your feet with folds.


Centre: A little dressier than the square fold, the eye-catching one-point triangle is perfect for work or play. For a more business outfit pick a crisp cotton pocket square that will give you a sharp traingle. But when you’re out in the evening, switch to a silk piece that looks more plumped and fancy.


Right: For times when you want to play with the pattern of your pocket square, the puff is the way to wear it. Pick a silk piece that is as vibrant as possible in design and pattern.


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