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  • 26 September 2016

Whether as the hip-hop star The Fresh Prince or one of Hollywood’s most bankable names, Smith’s style has inspired many others. Though his choice might have evolved over the decades, he’s still known as one of the best-dressed men on the red carpet, today. On his birthday, here’s a glimpse of what lets him swing away with the tag.


In the ’80s when Will Smith formed the hip-hop band DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, with Jeffery A Townes, among bagging Grammy Awards for their records, the duo also garnered attention for their style. Soon enough pieces such as Michael Jordan kicks, snapback caps, baggy dungarees and vibrant prints became must-haves in every wardrobe. Smith took these looks with him to the early ’90s when he started his acting career with NBCs sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, adding colour and hip-hop street style to Bel-Air and the Banks’ home. Of course, accompanied by his infectious laughter and comedy.


Over two decades later, the actor’s style might have progressed, but continues to be an inspiration for men. Transforming out of his b-boy choices into leading man attire, Smith is often seen in crisp suits that are a few notches above the regular. Think monochrome checked blazer, a pop of purple in an all grey outfit, a double-breast shawl-collar vest, and a bright red suit.

Since the early ’90s — when he starred in his first movie Where The Day Takes You — Smith has starred in over 30 movies. And here’s our pick of his best performances.


1. I Am Legend (2007): As the US Army virologist Robert Neville, Smith sets himself up for a challenging task — that of developing a cure for a virus that has wiped out most of New York City.


2. Men In Black (1997): The original of the Men In Black trilogy had Smith as a secret agent of the organisation called Men In Black, which supervised the aliens living on earth.


3. Six Degrees Of Separation (1993): One of Smith’s earliest movies, the plot was inspired by the real-life story of David Hampton, a con man who managed to convince people in the ’80s that he was the son of actor Sidney Poitier.


4. The Pursuit Of Happiness (2006): In the biographical drama about entrepreneur Chris Gardner’s one-year struggle as a homeless salesman, Smith stars as Gardner. His son Jaden Smith plays the role of Gardner’s son Christopher Jr. 

The top three songs on our playlist from Smith’s singing career.


1. Switch (2005): The first single of his fourth solo studio album Lost And Found, Smith performed the song live at San Antonio, before the 2005 NBA finals.


2. Party Starter (2005): The second single released from the album Lost And Found, it reached the top 20 in the UK.


3. Fiesta (2015): 10 years after his last album released, Smith returned in Columbian band Bomba Estereo’s remix version of Fiesta.


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