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  • 11 April 2016

A trending hue this season, dark military tones of green have made their way into every wardrobe staple that you can think of. From bomber jackets, to tees, joggers, chinos and even shoes. While adding a rich midnight blue will give you an unusual evening outfit, a lighter sky blue shade is perfect to brighten up your look for the day.


What to wear: 1. Addict Backpack; 2. KOOVS Shoes; 3. Breakbounce T-shirt; 4. Joe Black Sunglasses; 5. Kultprit Jog Pants

Pastels are for spring but bright colours like this yellow vest, work well in summer when it’s super sunny. Heighten its happy vibe with white shorts. Switch off your phone, grab a book and spend hours relaxing by the poolside or at a beach café.


What to wear: 1. KOOVS Flip-flops; 2. KOOVS Neckpiece; 3. Being Human Shorts 4. KOOVS Hat; 5. KOOVS Vest

Thought grey was drab, dull and such a winter shade? Well, you’d be surprised if we told you that it’s another trending colour this summer. And there are ways to brighten and loosen it up for the season. Team it with light pink to make it more day appropriate, both for work and play. Think a smart grey suit with a buttoned-up pink shirt, or printed trousers with a light tee.


What to wear: 1. KOOVS Jacket; 2. KOOVS Sandals; 3. Levi’s T-shirt; 4. New Look Bag; 5. Manish Arora For KOOVS Trousers


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