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  • 4 October 2016

Can you think of music and disassociate yourself from fashion? Probably not. For decades, the two have always inspired each other and musicians are known to be trendsetters of style. (Read our piece on Top 10 Music Inspired Fashion for more on this.) Every genre has its own undertones of fashion. And so, rock and heavy metal is synonymous with grunge, accessorised with leather, chunky jewellery and stud detailing. Think Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, AC/DC or Def Leppard. That’s where Polyphia stands apart.


The guitar-bending instrumental group, formed in 2011 in Texas, is as much known for their sounds that blend fast metal guitar and catchy pop hooks, as they are for a style that mixes EDM’s progressive laid-back and rock’s dark colours and graphic prints. We break down the four key elements required to nail their style, as seen on Polyphia members Tim Henson, Scott LePage and Clay Gober, on the streets and in their music videos.



Longer length tees and sweatshirts — a style made popular by Kanye West — is Polyphia’s go to. Think anti-fit and frayed pieces that end mid-thigh, layered under cropped jackets and sweats, or sometimes with even longer, fluid cardigans. Take a cue from the video of Euphoria, from their album Renaissance.



These sports-influenced pieces are synonymous with street style. As sleeveless versions, louche longline pieces or the regular zip-through styles, Polyphia’s affection for hoodies can be seen in images on their Instagram feed, and in the video of their song James Franco. Wear them with skinny jeans, or drop-crotch jog pants



Black and white sets the tone for the band’s excellent face-melting guitar sounds. Worn as crisp suits in the video of Nightmare, or as jeans, T-shirts and hoodies in Finale, this subtle colour combination allows for their fans to focus solely on their excellent guitar skills.



Move away from chunky boots that the heavy-metal genre is known for. When on stage, Henson, LePage and Gober often finish off their sports-influenced style with slick trainers. Go for leather high-tops or mesh running shoes.



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