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  • 29 August 2016

The King of Pop’s fashion revolution started in the ’80s, the decade that can also be attributed to some of his best music. One of the most iconic pieces he wore during this era was the red leather jacket seen in the video of Beat It. Leather soon became his signature, and the singer was seen in various other versions of it throughout the decade. Of course, most of his styles were made theatrical with ornamentation, sequins and metallic zippers.


Yet another MJ signature, cropped trousers were a very important part of his aesthetics. They displayed his sparkling socks and allowed fans to pay attention on his moves when he danced. Jackson teamed the cropped style with everything from leather jackets, to shirts and even when he wore the super slick black leather suit for the video of Billie Jean in ’83.


Black Or White wasn’t just a song. It was also MJ’s trusted colour combination. Long before monochrome became a fashion must-have, the singer had already made it his go-to outfit for performances. The sober hues allowed for his gold-accented kneepads, tough ornaments, and heavily decorated jackets to stand out.


A classic shoe style invented in the early 20th century, Penny loafers made it easy for MJ to create his outstanding footwork. In most of his shows and videos, he was seen wearing this style. In ’87, the pop sensation devised a dance sequence that had him leaning forward at 45 degrees and defying gravity. Special shoes were designed for this purpose, which had a slot in the heel to hold a peg. When activated, the peg could be protruded out, fixing it to the stage floor.



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