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  • 5 July 2016

Layering adds an extra dimension to your look but rarely do we opt for this styling technique in the summer. Don’t let the muggy weather take away the fun. Opt for light bomber jackets, denim shirts, shackets and cotton cardigans. Wear them over T-shirts, vests or smart shirts to the bar, movies, and even a dinner.


Ripped, slashed knee, frayed edges or just holes; look around and you’ll see almost everyone wearing a pair of jeans that looks like it’s gone through a hard grind. Now’s the time to wish you didn’t throw away your old stock. Distressed denim has been a trend for a while, and that’s because they're super easy to wear. All you need is a T-shirt and good-looking trainers and you’re ready to head out.


Patches and badges are a cool way to add a unique statement to wardrobe staples. Take, for example, this sweatshirt, which would otherwise be a solid black piece without the letter logos. Go for a do-it-yourself style with contrasting patches all over your existing pieces, or tone down the effect with prints that look like patchwork.


There’s a reason why running shoes have returned to the streets. They’re extremely comfortable and you can walk in them for miles. Aren’t they the first thing you pack when you travel? With sporty gear becoming trendy, you can go from a morning run to a catch-up over breakfast to the theatre, and nobody will blink an eyelid seeing you in your jog pants and trainers.


Indigo, navy, teal or azure, blue has always been a menswear favourite and seems like it will continue to remain one. They’re safe, pair with a range of colours — we like a blue and brown combination — and timeless. You can never go wrong with a blue blazer, and a pair of blue jeans is an essential in every wardrobe. So go on, stay true to blue.



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