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  • 28 March 2016

Get a head start on the season with this collection of limited-edition T-shirts. Kollective is an on-going collaboration with London's emerging artistes, offering their creative works as wearable art. Just 50 pieces in each style, priced at Rs. 995, and a new designer every month—add these tees to your wardrobe now.

If you enjoy cartoon art, get a hand on this exclusive T-shirt by Sam Brunell. Inspired by Doctor Who, Mario, Pac Man, and Pokemon, the Birmingham-based graphic designer’s fan art has previously been featured on T-shirts worn by Justin Bieber.

Known for his line drawings and crosshatch portraits, illustrator Michael Howard’s graphics are underlined with visual vibrations, emotions and mystery. Part of his ‘Make Your Head Your Home’ series, the gothic artwork on this T-shirt features a historical cathedral resting on a human skull, representing the last memory.

Graphic designer Frankie Long gives a Japanese spin to popular fairytales. Take a closer look and you’ll notice Little Red Riding Hood, Ponyo, The Little Mermaid robed in a kimono, Goldilocks and Santa Claus’ reindeer. You’re never too old for fantasy.

Hulya Kose is known for her works that span from sketches and drawings, to watercolour paintings and ink illustrations. Having created designs for a number of international fashion labels, she lends her creative skills to this exclusive T-shirt. Overlayering the various art styles that she excels at, Kose creates a print that is a mix of grunge and punk.

Greatly influenced by film and fairytale, James Daw’s works vary from large-scale canvas paintings to fashion illustrations. In the artwork for this T-shirt, the designer experiments with digital shapes, drawings and vivid hues to give jungle print an abstract dream-like layer.

Stewart O'Callaghan's works blend a western take on Japanese irezumi with neo-traditional tattooing, resulting in abstract art like the one that makes this T-shirt a bold addition to casual dressing.

Having recently worked on popular TV serials, Poppy Cat, emerging artist and animator, Esther Ajibade is best known for her animation in the award-winning children's film Daddy I'm a Zombie. Her urban design on this tee adds a twist to your weekend repertoire.

Paul Reilly is best known for his use of hand-drawn elements, crazy colours, digital collages and photography. Get ready to proclaim your love for wildlife with his pixelated tiger print on this colour-blocked tee.

With a decade's experience in the industry, Justin Ruddle's work in fashion has been a springboard into his many creative ventures, including print design, game design and editorial projects. With this tee, the designer injects art-school cool to bugs.

Specialising in fashion portraiture, Chris Agius Burke's love for baroque churches and art are reflected in his works. Bold and artistic,this tee is an effortless way to get a hint of the designer's balance between surrealism and realistic graphics.




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