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  • 7 February 2016

You’re over protective about your friends. And while you would love to hang out with the boys on games night, you’ll leave them in a jiffy for a date. Love pizza, sandwiches and burgers, and chasing girls? You’re Joey from Friends, the archetypical boy. For you a date night would mean easy on the pocket and lots of food. Throw on a pair or jeans, pick an Italian pizzeria, for your best night is one where there’s a never-ending flow of food and the girl you love.


What to wear: Brave Soul shirt, Solid jeans, Famozi shoes, and Follow Me watch


Breaking into a song and dance is a natural way to express. You’re the person who loves to be a life guide for your friends and give them advice on everything from career to relationships. For your partner you will go out of your way to ensure that everything is just the way she likes it. You’re Mr Schuester from Glee, the guy who knows how to keep even a girlfriend with a hyperactive OCD happy. So, do up your house, get some fresh flowers, and cook a meal for her. We’re sure you will end up singing a couple of romantic songs as well.


What to wear: Berfolk jacket, Levi’s jeans, Garcon T-shirt, and Mark Maddox watch


You have no concession for gym time, own a wardrobe full of slick pieces, sleep your laptop in a sharkskin sleeve, and can’t bare a strand of hair out of its place. You’re Schmidt from New Girl, the guy for whom vanity comes before everything else. But then you’re a charmer, and know how to take wooing to the next level of fancy. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day. Wear something super dapper, book the best table at a romantic restaurant, and order an expensive bottle of wine. We needn’t say that you should pick her up at her doorstep.


What to wear: Being Human chinos, KOOVS shirt, New Look pullover, and Famozi loafers


Let’s face it. You’d probably prefer to read a DC comic book than a bestseller; attend a conference on astronomy than a stand-up comedy; or pick Star Wars over the latest Bond movie. And if you have a schedule for everything—even coffee breaks—then you’re definitely Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. After a few drinks he often loosens up, but ends up doing things that he regrets later. So a date at a bar is not for geeks like him. If you want the perfect Sheldon-style date, book two tickets for the Wonders of the Universe show at the Nehru Palnetarium. Gazing at the stars is a romantic thing to do, but it need not always be real!


What to wear: Pepe Jeans V-neck T-shirt, Being Human chinos, Being Human T-shirt, and Diesel watch



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