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  • 13 February 2016

Every foodie in New Delhi knows what The Grub Fest truly means to them—the festival will travel to Pune in March. Some of the best restaurants come together, bringing absolutely smacking food, set against a backdrop of thrilling music and stand-up comedy. Here’s the brain behind this innovative concept. He’s also the founder of The Bangin Beats, a portal that’s keeping music lovers updated on everything new in the world of dance music.

1. On my playlist: Gryffin is my current favourite artist. I am also listening to a lot of The HimVince Moogin and Fetty Wap!


2. The lifestyle website that I follow: KOOVS.COM. I get fashion advice and useful tips every time I surf the site.


3. A restaurant I would travel the world for: Tao Downtown, New York City. The idea of great food, top music and good ambience has always attracted me to this Asian fusion space.


4. My ideal dinner setting: Penne in white sauce and grilled vegetables, or roast chicken in rosemary jus on my plate, with mellow beats by Matoma or Alex Schulz as the background music. 
5. A must-visit music festival: Sensation in Hyderabad, this March. The first international branded music festival to launch in India.

1. Berfolk Faux Leather Jacket Rs. 2,999

A black jacket and denims—it’s a style that will never go out of fashion.


2. Famozi Lizard Skin Shoes Rs. 2,695

White shoes go with almost everything and always make you look fresh.


3. New Look Blazer Rs. 4,295

A classic blazer, like this one, works wonders to create a casual yet smart look.


4. Spring Break Palm Print T-shirt Rs. 599

The print on this tee is very refreshing. Perfect for the warm days ahead.  


5. New Look Twill Shirt Rs. 1,595

Simple and super subtle. You can wear this shirt with jeans and smart trousers.


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