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  • 21 May 2016

Take a masterclass in living it up in the French Riviera with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. Both the actors picked colours that resonate with Cote d'Azur's blue-and-white freshness. Clooney went for a classic two-button midnight-blue dinner jacket, a refreshing contrast to his wife Amal Clooney's pastel piece. However, it was Gosling's pick of a white jacket, teamed with blue trousers and a matching bow-tie that set him apart from from the sea of black-and-white tuxedoes.


For those who love to remain classic, and suit-up for an evening out, take a cue from Justin Timberlake and Colin Firth. Simple, predictable, yet an impactful take on monochrome. Razor-sharp and finely-tailored are the key points to remember. Take your attire up a few notches and put a bow on it.


There's nothing new about men in suits in a festival as big as Cannes, we agree! But when these men came out wearing a fresh twist on suits, we couldn't help but put them in our favourites. From Edgar Ramirez' pinstriped version to Clive Owen's dressed-down look, it all felt right at home on the French Riviera. Although Mark Ronson and Chris Pine may have steered away from the blue palette, there was no shortage of style in either of their looks. Next time you're travelling, try out the English musician's spruced-up take on flight-gear. Who would have thought that a velvet jacket, often seen only on the red carpet, could double as an in-cabin layer.


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