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  • 20 September 2016

The easiest way to tackle this tricky colour is to pick a shirt in camouflage print. Tone it down with a relaxed pair of trousers and comfortable plimsolls.

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    This shirt is just what you need to get a handle on both camo and khaki.
    Jack & Jones Shirt
    Rs. 2,495

  • Atorse Trousers Rs. 1,599
    style tip

    Highlight the return of the '90s trend with these pleated trrousers.
    Atorse Trousers
    Rs. 1,599

  • New Look Plimsolls Rs. 2,695
    style tip

    Break the monotony of tone-on-tone with these white shoes.
    New Look Plimsolls
    Rs. 2,695

  • Chasquido Watch Rs. 1,199
    style tip

    Balance the part vintage, part modern look with this classic watch.
    Chasquido Watch
    Rs. 1,199


Bomber jackets are all the rage at the moment. Nail two trends by choosing one in khaki and making it your trusty autumn layer for everywhere.

  • KOOVS Bomber Jacket Rs. 1,695
    style tip

    This printed piece adds a layer of character to the classic style.
    KOOVS Bomber Jacket
    Rs. 1,695

  • Adamo London Jeans Rs. 1,699
    style tip

    Lend your look some ruggedness with these ripped-knee jeans.
    Adamo London Jeans
    Rs. 1,699

  • Knotty Derby Plimsolls Rs. 2,488
    style tip

    Highlight your outfit with these black faux suede shoes and their camo sole.
    Knotty Derby Plimsolls
    Rs. 2,488


Adding a colour to your look sometimes needs just a subtle hint. Give an edge to your autumn looks with accessories in khaki. Think cap, shoes, bag… or maybe all three.

  • Zobello Shirt Rs. 949
    style tip

    Build a subdued base for an off-duty outfit with this beige shirt.
    Zobello Shirt
    Rs. 949

  • X.O.Y.O Jeans Rs. 1,695
    style tip

    Go for a distressed look with these rip-and-repair jeans.
    X.O.Y.O Jeans
    Rs. 1,695

  • Zobello Espadrilles Rs. 1,199
    style tip

    Perfect for the weekend these espadrilles will add a relaxed vibe.
    Zobello Espadrilles
    Rs. 1,199


Add three-dimensional character to your look with layering. Point to note: Highlight the richness of khaki by pairing it with contrasting hues.

  • KOOVS Sweatshirt Rs. 895
    style tip

    Here's a sweatshirt that can moonlight as a tee in an emergency.
    KOOVS Sweatshirt
    Rs. 895

  • Spring Break Jog Pants Rs. 1,290
    style tip

    Build on the casual vibe with these fitted jog pants.
    Spring Break Jog Pants
    Rs. 1,290

  • KOOVS Plimsolls Rs. 1,495
    style tip

    Pick these shoes for an outfit that's comfortable from sunrise to sunset.
    KOOVS Plimsolls
    Rs. 1,495

  • Vans Sunglasses Rs. 1,499
    style tip

    Finish off your look with these contrasting and timeless sunglasses.
    Vans Sunglasses
    Rs. 1,499


Can’t find a colour to match that khaki piece in your wardrobe? Pick a pattern. The hue works as a good companion for dense prints.

  • KOOVS Shirt Rs. 1,195
    style tip

    This deep military shirt is good primer for most staples.
    KOOVS Shirt
    Rs. 1,195

  • KOOVS T-shirt Rs. 695
    style tip

    Take your look from boring to remarkable with this busy tee.
    KOOVS T-shirt
    Rs. 695

  • New Look Jeans Rs. 2,695
    style tip

    Keep the colour palette in check with these white jeans.
    New Look Jeans
    Rs. 2,695

  • Tread Plimsolls Rs. 899
    style tip

    Blend your casual look together with these neutral plimsolls.
    Tread Plimsolls
    Rs. 899


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