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Breezy and Comfy: Men’s Shorts Are an All Time Favourite

When the heat soars higher, and your jeans have you sweating, there’s no better outfit to turn to than shorts. After the romper, men’s shorts are the only outfit that are guaranteed to illicit a debate on their appropriateness in a man’s attire. But no matter what the sceptics say, you cannot deny the cool comfort and casual vibes that shorts provide. With an equally easy attitude, you can saunter into any event wearing your best pair of shorts for men. Be it a BBQ party, a suave cruise party, or a fun get-together at the beach, shorts strike just the right chord of simplicity and style to make you shine.

How shorts for Men’s were discovered

Interestingly, shorts did not show up in acceptable casual wear until the early 1950’s. The years before that, men’s shorts went through an evolution process of style and terminology. In the early 19th and 20th century, you could hear a smattering of English words to describe shorts, or shortened pants, as they were perceived to be. “Knickerbockers”, “knee pants” and “short pants” were popular terms that were used, based on their length and fit of the piece.

Obviously, there was a predominant boyish association with shorts, as that was and remains the standard uniform staple for school going boys. Grown men were not used to wearing shorts normally, outside of hotter climates, until World War II. The need for comfort in high temperatures and a strict rationing of cloth forced an issuance of military style shorts for soldiers.

In the post-war years, men’s shorts were restricted to leisure and sports activities. The boundaries beyond were not stretched farther than the courts these men played in. And even sports shorts underwent a major shift from boxer-style to longer mesh ones seen in 1980s. Even after the Hollywood biggies started championing shorts, it took a long time for it to be a “normal” outfit option.

Now, there are no such cultural restrictions on when, where and who can wear shorts. While they provide a necessary respite from the summer heat, shorts are like godsend in hikes, trails, and swimming. Not to mention, they can be styled with just about anything you have. Koovs’ wide collection of shirt, jackets and t-shirts for men should help you curate the best outfit to go with your shorts.

Choose from a variety of Men’s & Boys Shorts styles

This is where things get up, close and personal. Just like with full-length bottoms, there are various styles of shorts that you can choose from. Whether fashion or utility, the type of shorts you choose should emulate your personal style to give you the confidence you need.

•  Denim shorts: We should’ve listened to the girl’s long time back when they proclaimed denim shorts to be the ultimate summer staple. Denim shorts for men are versatile, stylish and exceedingly cool. Paired with a bold shirt left untucked, and a sleek pair of loafers, you will be ready to go.

• Cargo shorts: Oh, you know these shorts. The ones with more pockets than your fingers, and enough material to be baggy. Practical and comfortable, cargo shorts are perfect companions for your adventurous trips. While they vanished from the limelight for some time, they are back in fashion with a bang. Navy, maroon, olive green, and tan are the colours you should opt for.

• Chino shorts: The fail-safe, easy to wear chino shorts are possibly never going to go out of style. Sleek and smart, they are your answer for comfortable formal wear. Pastels and soft shades work best with chinos; however, you can opt brighter options to make your outfit pop. Pair with a fitted oxford shirt, and classy brogues, this outfit will not leave you unnoticed.

• Sports shorts: Loose enough to allow easy movement, and long enough to cover discrete parts, sports shorts are the epitome of what comfort wear is. They are lightweight and often infused with water-resistant technology to dry out moisture and sweat. Men’s gym shorts are versatile enough to be worn for different athletic activities like running, jogging, etc.

Beach shorts: The beach is where you can get away with wearing those daring styles you would otherwise let sit in your wardrobe. Beach shorts come in a variety of style and fabrics.

Cotton shorts in statement prints like paisley, stripes and checks are most preferred way of dressing for a beach party. However, if the events of the evening turn watery, it’s better to stick with swim shorts, or sweat shorts. These varieties come with quick-dry technology, and can function both as casual shorts and sports shorts. - one stop solution for your fashion needs

No matter how versatile the shorts are, and how casual they appear to be, there are certain rules you need to adhere to. Depending on the occasion, you need to pick the right type of shorts to wear. Wear jean shorts to a brunch date, or turn up in cycling shorts to a yacht party. When it comes to colours and prints, go with your gut. But also go through colour combinations online to help you figure out which colours to pair.

Here at KOOVS.COM, you pick up your favourite men’s shorts online from our exclusive collection featuring brands like Garcon, KOOVS, Spring Break, Styx & Stones, USPA, X.O.Y.O, Zero, Zobello and Nike Shorts. With the ease of online shopping, you can have any style you prefer with just a few clicks.

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