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Uber Cool and Comfy: Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Men

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. When it comes to the cooler months, the flip side to the cold weather is the chance you get to pull out your most stylish winter wear. For men, elements of causal layering are restricted to categories such as hoodies and sweatshirts.

How favourite hoodies & sweatshirts for men were first made

Although popularised thirty years ago by the legendary Rocky Balboa, the invention of hoodie dates to almost eighty years. In the first decade of the 20th Century, Russell Athletics was a manufacturing company that was experimenting with fabrics designed for women’s undergarments. One day, Ben Russell’s son, Benny came up to him and asked his father to create a garment that one could wear to practise football in. His son, detested the itchy woollen pieces of clothing they were traditionally given. This sparked an idea in Russell’s head. The result gave American wardrobe its mainstay item. Russell Athletics lays claim to the first sweatshirt ever manufactured with cotton jersey material in 1920, ever since hoodies for men also became a statement of casual comfort.

The crockpot of thriving street culture and emerging artistic movements, New York was the birthplace of the hoodie as a cultural symbol. The uniform for anyone and everyone who assimilated themselves in the hip-hop culture, the hoodie was a statement piece of clothing. Initially associated with graffiti artists who found the hoodie as a cheap tactic to mask their identity, while they splattered walls with rebellious slogans. Men’s hoodies developed from there to be accepted in a more positive yet assertive light with the release of the movie “Rocky” in 1976.

Men’s sweatshirts soon made it into mainstream fashion with the pioneer of this movement being Rocky Balboa. Taking a full circle, the hoodie got re-associated with the working class, with Rocky’s non-descripted hoodie. The protagonist’s attire spoke to this character being that of a hardworking, determined individual with excellent work ethic. This movie cemented the garment’s prominence in mainstream culture.

In the 90’s the term hoodie became a part of American vernacular. This exponential rise in popularity was owed to the rise in hip-hop- culture and the acceptance of urban trends. In the following years, the hoodie has been in the news for reasons of establishing identity or tools to showcase your political standpoint. Nevertheless, its cultural and fashionable significance has managed to stand the test of time, even in India.

Hoodie and sweatshirt styles that rock the runways

Today, hoodies have regained their way onto the fashion runways with the inception of the athleisure trend. Designers are conforming to casual comfort as a style statement rather than a product of lethargy.

Sweatshirts for men come in varied designs and can be styled in multiple ways to fit the occasion. Whether you like your hoodies to be neutral such as the traditional black, white and grey or want to experiment with bold prints and slogans, the best place to explore is on Koovs.

Must-have sweatshirts for your wardrobe

If you want to fit in at a brunch party on a cool Sunday afternoon, you can simply wear a bright high-neck sweatshirt. These garments are made of fleece material, which allows you to stay warm but not sweat out. The fabric has a lightweight appeal and can be thrown on with a pair of denims. You can choose from light pastel colours such as pink, lemon yellow, powder blue or even bright coral. These colours are appropriate for a date night as well. The high neck sweatshirts have buttons around the neck and ribbed edges to lock in the warmth.

If your weather is not as bitter but you still want to stay comfortable, you can opt for crew neck sweatshirts for men. They allow more room around the neck area, are lighter than high neck and can be slipped on easily.

Must-have hoodies for your wardrobe

Moving on to hoodies. The champion of the Athleisure trend, hoodies have a classic structure that has not been tampered much with. Most sportswear brands follow the basic sketch and tweak the fabric, external appeal and design to make it their own. Nike hoodies that are available on Koovs are a perfect example of traditional sportswear being channelled as a fashion statement. With minimalistic aesthetic features apart from bold branding, the hoodies come in bright colours such as deep red. Choose to stay out of the box, leave your old black hoodie behind and experiment with vibrant colours. Hoodies can be worn as athletic wear with cotton shorts, or can be made into an outgoing outfit with black men's jeans. You can also buy sweatshirts with hoodies online available on Koovs. – your online shopping destination

Koovs has an extensive collection of brands ranging from athletic, sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Adidas Neo to targeted fashion brands such as New Look, Fort Collins and Jack n Jones. We also have a collection of our own, which houses trending renditions of popular patterns, prints and comfortable fits. Shopping online has never been easier. Complete your winter wardrobe with!

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