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It’s all about Loafers!

Loafers are a wardrobe staple these days which can be worn all year round. These lace-less shoes are easy to slip-on without any hassle. Besides, they typically come in leather, suede and canvas. Today, numerous brands are coming up with unique designs that can be easily adapted for different looks and worn across all seasons. From traditional penny version to modernized horse bit loafers – there’s something to suit every taste. Be it fashion icons, celebrities or young men, nowadays, everyone owns a stylish pair of Loafers. Going for a business meeting or a Saturday night out, loafers can carry great looks effortlessly on every occasion. But there is always a way to style these – we’ll tell you how! But before that let’s pour in some light at the history of loafers and how did they originate.

Origins of Loafer Shoes

In 1847, a bespoke shoe company named ‘Wildsmith’ developed the first ever loafers. They were designed as a casual shoe to wear inside the house. However, in no time it became popular among the other royals and land gentry.

These lace-less loafer shoes were then re-designed by a shoemaker called ‘Nils’ in 1908, Norway. Soon, they became popular in Europe and America as well; and continued to be so until the late 50s and 60s. However, in 1966, Italian designer Gucci added a metal stripe across the front, and named the style as ‘horse bit’. This style is still extremely popular today. Moreover, other luxury brands too participated in making some of the best loafers for men.

The 1970s and 80s saw business class started incorporating this design into their work. However, the 1990s never saw loafers making a fashion statement like before. They were largely worn by school kids and college goers, then. But, today loafers has come again into popularity, and this time with a bang!

Types of Loafers for Men

The Classic Penny!

Penny Loafers are the traditional version of men slip on shoes. They were designed by G.H. Bass & Co, a bootmaker in Norway and titled ‘Weejun’. Soon, they gained popularity in America, especially among the prep school students during 1950s. They loved them and coined the term ’Penny’ for these shoes. With this, loafers emerged as a classic American staple. This was the most preferred shoe option due to its simple style and easy adaptability. The design features a strip of leather across the front in the shape of a diamond. Hence, the beauty of penny loafers lies in its versatility. Today, they are preferred by men who want to make a classic style statement. Shop leather loafers for men exclusively at

Tassel Loafers!

Tassel Loafers are made famous by Italian luxury fashion house Fendi. These incredibly stylish pair of shoes are categorized into men casual loafers. They add a touch of playfulness in your look when sit on a clean and simple design. Typically, these loafers were made of leather, however, they are very well crafted in the suede finish as well. Suede became an excellent choice, in terms of freedom it gives to an individual to adapt to different dress codes. These days even a classic pair of leather loafer shoes are topped off with tassels to make it look more alluring.

Horsebit Loafers!

In 1968, when Italian designer Gucci introduced a loafer with a golden brass strap across the front in the shape of a horse’s snaffle, it got a name - ‘Horsebit Loafers’. The popularity of polo matches and horse racing inspired its creation. In those times, it was called as ‘Gucci Loafers’. The horse’s snaffle in front elevated the loafer to formal wear status.

To conclude, all the above mentioned types of Loafers for men are available in a variety of colours. However, the classic colours are mostly preferred to suit every occasion effortlessly. Black loafers for men is a great pick to pair with the formal attire. This colour almost works with all kinds of formal clothing, without giving a second thought. Similarly, dusty brown loafers too work excellent with office wear. In contrast, white loafers are versatile and is a loved by every fashionable men. To suit, men should have a unique taste in terms of clothing. Buy loafers online in different colours to stand out from the crowd.

Styling with Loafers!

The most popular question among young men is, “Should we style them with socks or without?”. So, the basic answer to this is that one should wear socks depending upon the weather conditions. However, for fashionable men, the weather is not an excuse. Wearing socks with loafers can really help make a stunning fashion statement. Remember, choosing socks in bold eye-catchy colours and funky patterns add a bit of quirkiness to your overall look. In contrast, wearing loafers without socks makes it a bold fashion statement. In this case, remember to keep your trousers fitted around the ankle to maximize the look. Skinny fit jeans, chinos and slim trousers will all give you the desired effect.

Shop for unique designs in Loafers

Loafer shoes for men are all over the internet with different patterns and unique designs. Apart from classic colours, these are available in a variety of other shades as well. In case, you’re looking for loafers to suit formal outfit, stick to black and brown; else don’t hesitate to have fun with colours on your off-duty days.

Browse through loafers for men online from brands offering different styles and designs. is one such platform which has become popular in selling the most fashionable loafers for today’s generation. Look out for the loafers variety online and grab your favourite in no time. There are always amazing deals and offers to give you the best at affordable prices.

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