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Step Up Your Style Game with Gladiator Sandals

Popular as Spring and Summer’s go-to footwear style, gladiator sandals are iconic. Wounding the ankle with thin straps, all the way up to the calf and knee sometimes, these sandals come with a flat sole and a tiny heel for added support. Never to stray far from trends, this style of footwear is the most basic yet considered the most high-profile style there is. Suitable for both men and women, these are comfortable, style and versatile. While these days they are most commonly remembered as festival footwear, these derive their popularity from the days of brave gladiators and beautiful Roman goddesses.

From Goddesses to Gladiator: The Journey

As if the name wasn’t enough, the history behind gladiator flats is quite legendary. It started as the most basic and utilitarian footwear there was, until it became a symbol of sex, rank and status in society. As depicted in various art forms of the bygone era, they are often seen adorned on the pretty feet of roman gods and goddesses.

These sandals get their name from the gladiators who wore them during their fights. Pitted against a fight to death, the rare gladiator who would survive several years of such matches would be granted freedom from his masters. The sandals became a source of pride and strength for the Romans, soon being made for the elite classes. After the fall of the Roman empire, however, the trend also witnessed a crushing fall.

It was only in the start of 20th century that we saw the resurgence of this exciting footwear. But nothing compares to the popularity it gained in the 60s, where the fashion world witnessed a surge of miniskirts and thigh-baring dresses. Gladiator sandals for women became quite a rage, especially in parties and beach resorts. Gladiator sandals for men didn’t extend to the knee-high lengths that women wore, but instead saw a revival of the ankle-high style. Especially in summer and spring. Borrowing heavily from ancient roman culture, women’s gladiator sandals remain in style for decades afterward, walking the present runways in the same fervour and pride as the old days.

Choose from a Variety of Styles

Based on your outfit and body type, you can take your pick from three main types of gladiator shoes – knee high, mid-calf and ankle-high gladiators. While choosing which sandal to buy, ensure you know the shape and size of your feet, ankles and legs. Since these are statement pieces, it is important to get a pair that accentuates your body.

Gladiator flats of ankle length flatter just about every man or woman. It is a safe choice that most people can start their gladiator journey with. People with heavy or thick ankles who want to embrace this style should opt for ankle-high sandals in nude and neutral shades. A little heel does wonder to a silhouette.

Mid-calf sandals look perfect for long, slender legs – accentuating and complementing the height. However, just like knee high gladiator sandals, they have tendency to overpower the look. make sure you create balance in your outfit by choosing the right length.

To nail the gladiator-look perfectly, keep in mind the ultimate trick: Simplicity. Try and keep the focus of the outfit on your feet. Wear subtle jewellery that complements that look, and not fights for attention. Gladiator heels have the power to turn a simple outfit into something worthy of a Roman Goddess. Pair them with items that sit above your knee, like mini-skirts, mini dresses and shorts. The most classic colours to try are gold, tan, black and brown. These colours can be paired with a variety of other shades and patterns. Do online shopping for these amazing options at KOOVS.COM and upgrade your wardrobe to gladiator levels right now.

Koovs.Com – One-Stop Solution for Men’s & Women’s Gladiator Sandals

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