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Denim Shirts for Women

Denim has been the subject of much appraisal from the fashion world for decades. Icons like Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol, Diana Vreeland swore by the beauty of the denim, particularly denim jeans. This praise seems to heighten when it comes to denim shirts. With a youthful appeal, these shirts are the cool siblings to ordinary shirts, and never seem to lose our attention. With an unmatched status of utility, denim tops & shirts are comfortable, classic, and a staple in every wardrobe.

From Utilitarian to Unique: Journey of Denim Shirts

These have a decidedly timeless appeal and within reason, as the trend has not left the fashion scene since its inception in the early 20th century. The history of these shirt is long and defined by its functionality—one of the reasons for its widespread appeal. Today’s casual denims for men and women alike, draw their inspiration from the early cowboys in the Wild West of America.

The relatively stripped-down styles we see today are a result of practicality and a need for efficiency. Men’s Denim shirts were earlier extremely common with the working-class, cattle herders, farmers and riders. The breathable material and its softness, paired with a charming, youthful appearance made denim the favourite material for these people to wear while working.

In the 50s, however, we saw the trend being accepted and flaunted by Hollywood heartthrobs like James Dean and Marlon Brando. This admission into the wardrobes of stars meant that these had shed its common, utilitarian status to become something unique. From a garment worn most popularly in the American West, it had become a symbol of defiance, edge, and a carefree life. And much like its counterpart – denim jeans – the denim jeans shirts became the classic item that would live on in every wardrobe for years to come.

Take Your Pick from Our Cool Women’s & Men’s Denim Shirts

Thanks to its versatility, these can be paired with countless items and worn for almost all occasions and events. While buying denims shirts online, keep in mind the following things:


Denim shirts for men are made quite differently than denim shirts for women, for obvious reasons. But one thing is common – nothing spoils the look of both shirts like a bad fit. The fitting of the shirt is important to consider as it’s the foundation of how your outfit will eventually look like. In order to have the desired effect, the shirt should properly align with the dimensions of your body. Even if it’s the oversized aesthetic you want to pull off, keep in mind to measure your specific dimensions and buy the shirt accordingly.

Men’s denim shirts have different placement of seams than women’s shirts. Make sure the back sits correctly across your back, and the seam meets your shoulder bones. The cuffs of the shirt should reach the point where the palm meets your wrist. Regardless of the gender, the shirt should highlight and draw attention to the face.


Depending on the look you want to go for, there are multiple colours that you can. The great thing about these shirts is that they are ideal for layering. Be it with simple t-shirt, dress, skirt or trousers, these can transform and highlight any outfit. The general rule is to opt for faded wash or light blue denim shirts that can be paired with most other colours. A washed-out denim also looks great with almost all skin tones, and makes the person look bright and comfortable. However, heavy hues of blue and black and work wonders too. A black denim shirt can be paired very well with red t-shirts or dresses. A simple half sleeve denim shirt in indigo blue is a good option for a stand-alone outfit, as well as great with accessories. Women can layer their long denim shirts over a popping dress or a sparkly skirt. While men can wow everyone with the classic denim shirt and white t-shirt combination, paired with cool Ray-Bans and a hundred-dollar smile.

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